Saturday 28 September 2013

Turn your Smartphone into microscope with a revolutionary lens

The idea of this young American will delight photography enthusiasts and curious of you. His project is nothing but placing a microscopic lens directly on the lens of your cell, which can be done easily and very quickly. In the meantime, DGS invites you to discover how it all works. Thomas Larson, a graduate of Mechanical Engineering (Mechatronics option) from the University of Washington will undoubtedly revolutionize the world of photography precision. His project microscopic lens, it is enough to juxtapose the purpose of your Smartphone, will simply allow all Apple, Android or other users to transform their devices as pocket microscopes.

Once glued to your Smartphone, the lens magnifies up to 15 times the original image and helps to photograph invisible to the naked eye details and hitherto impossible to capture with a single phone. The Kick starter campaign launched by the young has exceeded the expected amount of $ 5000 (and has reached more than $ 91,000 in just 21 days. However, Thomas does not intend to rest on its laurels because this version is really a kind of warm-up before the real project: give life to his second lens even more accurate and efficient able to grow up to 150 than the original image. Thomas would eventually sell his lenses on the Amazon e -commerce site. Finally, these lenses offer a more compact alternative to laboratory microscope ... Relatively speaking, of course. We love the simplicity of the concept, which is based solely on the application of micro lens on the back of a phone that offers quality and precision which is unusual for this kind of devices.

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