Thursday 26 September 2013

Xtreme Xplosives headphones from JVC for Smartphones

The headphone models HA MR55X and HA SR44X are the new “Xtreme Xplosives" series JVC developed specifically for use on Smartphones. They are compatible with Android devices and iPhones. The new headphones Xplosives the Xtreme series from JVC is specifically aimed at Smartphone users. The two sturdy constructed Xtreme Xplosives headphones HA-SR44X & HA-MR55X and have an integrated one-button remote control and a built-in microphone. So they can be used as a headset for Smartphones. The 1.2-meter-long cable is made of pure copper and has a gold-plated 3.5-millimeter Jack. Both models are upholstered with a headband and provide secure and comfortable fit on the head. So they are also suitable for jogging or walking. Both of these models do not differ externally but, the HA MR55X is of 69.90 Euros and is the more expensive model. The reason is it is equipped with 50-millimeter neodymium drive units. The HA SR44X has only about 40 mm neodymium drive units and costs 49.90 Euros.

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