Thursday 12 September 2013

Going Crazy In Colorful Campbelltown, Sydney

The city of Sydney is not just any modern city. It is the hotspot of global tourism. People come in large hordes to see the city's famous attractions including the Harbour Bridge and the Opera Building. Other that, there are also amazing attractions and cultural sites to check out as well. However, if one was to pick the most amazing place in the whole of Sydney, it would be the district of Campbell town. This amazing place, whose name reminds us of delicious Campbell Soup, is a pretty place located in the Western corner of the city. Here are some great attractions that you can check out, provided you have a good car rental service at your disposal.

The Campbell town Arts Center

 It is possibly one of the most famous art places in the whole of Australia. Annually, it ends up drawing thousands of visitors and enthusiasts to marvel at the ground-breaking collections that it hosts. This is a place where you can watch some fantastic concepts emulated into pretty art that grabs your eyeballs. The Campbell town Arts Center is a place where you can find your creative juices flowing fully. You can also find some nice restaurants and leisure places inside the Arts Center's innovative building. As a result, the Campbelltown Arts Center emerges as a fantastic place that has something for everyone.

Japanese Gardens and Teahouse

It is always so comforting to find a little piece of peaceful Japan in a city like Sydney. If you have a good car rental service, let it drop you at the Japanese Gardens and Teahouse at Campbell town. This is the kind of place where you can find some peaceful and amazing Zen gardens, elaborate fountains and more. This is also where you can sip on some genuine quality Japanese tea and sake which is the traditional wine made of rice. You can choose to slip into a kimono and even binge on the famous Japanese dishes to further get the flavor right in this place. Therefore, to know something more about Japan, visit this place.

 Dredges Cottage

Given that Australia has been an active part in many a famous war, the Dredges Cottage turns out to be a great place to savour those fond memories of heroism and sacrifice. This is a place which has been created especially for the Veterans who had served different countries in the last century's greatest wars. Right from memorabilia of the wars like the Boer War to the first-hand accounts of the two World Wars and more, this is a place for those who love to get an unusual and fi

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