Sunday 29 September 2013

Top 3 Free Photo Editing App for Android

Photo editing is becoming a trend for the teen around the various region of the country. Social media has made them to share their pictures all over their network. Before uploading those pictures in their circles, most of them used to edit the pictures in order to enhance it. Various mobile applications are released in the market which improves the reality of the picture through various effects and filters. In this post, you can get the features of various photos editing software for your android mobile. I would recommend these three photo editing apps fro editing the pictures in your mobile. These apps are better than the paid apps which are used to edit the pictures.

Pixlr is one of the best photos editing application which let you to edit you pictures / photo in a click. Pixlr provides you the most of the features that a photo editor should have generally. This application is developed and maintained by Autodesk. This provides you a ultimate way to optimize your picture from your mobile itself.

PicsArt Photo Studio
PicsArt Photo Studio is another best and must have photo editing app which comes in the top 3 free photo editing apps. PicsArt Photo Studio consists of a built in photo editor and you can edit your photo by using a photo grid and it comes with a collage maker. By using PicsArt Photo Studio, you can create an awesome extra ordinary collage which looks like a professional one. PicsArt Photo Studio support various drawing tool and it comes with picture art collection network. PicsArt Photo Studio is a all in one collection which let you to perform all of your editing works.

PicsArt Photo Studio allows you to create a masterpiece and you can create amazing photo grid using this app. PicsArt Photo Studio is a powerful collage maker which is available in the internet for totally FREE of Cost.

Aviary is a most advanced form of photo editing software which enables you to perform different photo editing effects. You can easily enhance your picture by using this tool. It has built in frames and also it support gorgeous photo effects. It also has color balance and enhancement options and you can use fun stickers in this application. The various feature of the Aviary are as follows:

Color Splash: Makes you to enhance and edit the different color effects

Focus: you can easily tilt shift your image using Aviary

Cosmetic tools: support various cosmetic tools such as red eye correction, whitening of teeth and so on.
You can easily crop and rotate your picture using this mobile application.

Various adjustments of brightness, color temperature, contrast can be easily done using this Avairy mobile application.

Based upon the various features and functions; these tools are ranked and picked as a top 3 photo editing mobile software. You can perform various operations using these apps from your mobile itself. You can edit your images to turn it into a masterpiece.

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