Friday 13 September 2013

GoPro Studio 2.0

GoPro has just put online the second version of its video editing software Studio 2.0. This version offers "model fitting” with soundtrack, combos and special effects already set, you just have to insert your videos. Good news is that even without a GoPro you can enjoy. It has been almost a year since GoPro launched its new range of cameras: HD Hero 3. The basic principle remains the same, a small box with a small control panel, but the specifications were revised upwards, including the Black Edition which can record 4K video at 12 fps and 120 fps in 720p. A first application was already available, GoPro CineForm Studio, but with GoPro Studio 2.0 the company wants to simplify the often tedious step of installation. "We have selected our most popular videos and we transformed into models of GoPro mounts to help you design a great mount very quickly. Music, mount points, the slow-motion effects and more are already set, so you only have to replace this video clip with your own. " For the moment, only four models are available, each representing a viral video, which also serves as advertising for the brand, which was performed using a GoPro Dubstep Baby, Laser Cats, Ocotillo Desert Lines and Pool Party etc. GoPro states that new models will be added regularly. Whatever it may be, you selected the one you want, then just replace the pieces videos by yours and, if necessary, add text. It seems against not change the length of the shots, but for this you can use a blank template and fill as desired. As we have noted, there is no obligation to have a GoPro or videos captured on a GoPro to use Studio 2.0, perform editing and finally export your achievement. A good practice that allows everyone to enjoy.

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