Wednesday 25 September 2013

Google acquires a start-up Bump to improve Android

Google confirmed the acquisition of the start-up “Bump”. Founded in 2008, it publishes an application that makes it easy to share data between two Smartphones by bumping against each other Bump is an editor application that enables the sharing of data between two Smartphones by simply rattling. Google should incorporate all or part of this technology to Android and, or perhaps some Smartphones. The peculiarity of the system is that it does not use NFC. The application detects the sensor information from the Smartphone when "bump" and sends them to a server where an algorithm will analyze and find the same features on the other end. Once identified the two Smartphones, data exchange can take place. Bump was a great success with over 100 million downloads. Last year, the company launched a photo sharing service called Flock. Google has not revealed its plans for the use of these technologies, but it is quite likely to be used either for Android or for some of its services. It may use it as an exclusive feature on the Motorola Smartphones! Bump will continue to operate normally, for the moment and can be read on the blog of the start-up. The amount of the acquisition was not disclosed, but a web source quotes that a sum of between 30 and 60 million.

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