Friday 20 September 2013

How servers downtime impact your business

Web servers are playing an important role in your business if you’re doing a online business. It doesn’t matter what sort of online business you were doing. But if you are rely of a third part web server, or any cloud data storage system for storing your data. The server downtime causes a big problem on your day to day activities. It may be a local server or on-premise servers; they will definitely go down without giving/providing warnings. Downtime will impact heavily with the customer relationship with your business. The various impacts are given as follows:-


The failure of the server may affect your business when your website becomes inaccessible. When the process of downtime occurs, it may lead to lose your ability to process the customer orders. The problem will bellowed only the server become normal; until the servers are running the sales department will go down. Suppose if you were processing your orders, failure in server will never let you to do needed shipments and also affects your tracking process of your products. For example, downtime of your server for one hour will also makes you to lord thousands of dollars.

Customer Satisfaction: 

Server downtime will affect your customer satisfaction. Not only will the downtime, loss of any services result in poor customer satisfaction. When the customer cannot able to get the product they want, their mentality will changed and this affects the various level of customer relationship with your website. The server downtime will also affects the process of customer support or tech support of your website which results in dissatisfaction for the customers. When the customers did not get what they want, definitely it will results in dissatisfaction of customers.

This will affect your reputation and sometime it will make your whole reputation to get damages. The longer downtime, the more lost of reputation of your business.

Loss of Data: 

Depending upon the other remote servers for storing the data will always gives you a risk of losing the data. When any error or hardware encounters a problem, it will definitely damage your data. Damaged hardware also leads to data loss and it would require lots of cost to retrieve the data and it has a negative impact over your business. The day to day activities of your business will be ruined and you will not able to do any sort of activities once your loss your data. It should be better if you have a solid backup plan for all of your information.

Make sure you were having a prior backup plan and the data should be backup for both the remote and on-premise servers. So that any sort of failure will not affect your business; also your reputation will remain constant. Having a better backup plan will always results in good and better backup plan for your business. It is always true that prevention is better than cure. So having a perfect backup plan will reduce your risk of getting troubles.

Thus various impacts over server downtime has been explained clearly, Response us with your comments / feedbacks.

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