Saturday 28 September 2013

Android overtakes ipad in tablet race

The ipad is the one of the best selling product of Apple Inc; it takes the people in a new dimension and let them to know various types of information through their iPad. iPad received a big check to its dominance. It takes over its presence all over the world; until the release of android tablets, Apple iPad plays a dominant role in market. But android is becoming a popular open source operating software which can be used in both tablets and mobile phone. Release of android tablets by several top leading manufactures has boosts the sales of android tablets in this market which affects the sales of the iPad.
The survey report from the ABI research states that during the second quarter of 2013, the android tablets have overtaken the iPad in volumes. The amount of the total android tablets sold is more than that of the iPad. But the revenue from the android tablets was shared by the various manufacturers; the Apple has taken its whole share of the money. It’s true that no single android tablet manufacturers has comes close to the Apple while compared to the volume of product sold.
As per result of the survey, the android tablets have taken the place by selling devices of different manufacturers. As a whole, the android tablets has sold more than the Apple; but the products are in the combinations of various manufacturers such as Samsung, Asus, Sony, Amazon and more. The Apple has only two products out for the customers. The iPad mini and full-sized iPad are available still in the market. The android has slightly takes the count but it has to be split into many different ways according to the manufacturers.
When compared to the profit, apple has spent more money in promoting their products through various advertisement programs. In 2013, the apple has heavily promoted its product and most of the products which were sold in the quarters of 2013 are only iPad Mini. This has reduced down the amount of the income for the Apple. But android has taken a lead in different meaningful way; the amount of profit per product has comparatively high while compared to iPad. The rumor mill has stated that the apple has its own plan for boost up the sales of its product to regain its first place.

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