Thursday 5 September 2013

WinRar 5.0

WinRar 5.0 brings a new archive format with it; In addition to greater speed and smaller files, manufacturers worked on the new encryption. And WinRar5.0 supports AES-256 encryption. WinRar is in its fifth round. With the new version, the manufacturer is improved the Rar format, which comes in addition to the existing standard to use. Rar 5.0 could be faster, safer and smaller than its predecessor. By default, however, the old format is enabled - to take advantage of the updates; you must explicitly choose to pack Rar 5.0. As a major innovation called encryption. Password-protected archives are henceforth secured with AES-256. The encryption algorithm is a safe, provided that with the choice of an appropriate password. It is eligible for government documents with the highest level of secrecy in the United States. The manufacturer specifies the algorithms used to have optimized to the extent that the packing and unpacking is faster. Archive files also consume less memory than before. With the suggestion of users, the possible path length has grown, processed so far only WinRar archives with a path length of 260 characters - now there are 2,048 characters.

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