Monday 30 September 2013

Android malware “Toll Fraud”

Russian gangs, with hidden malicious apps attract users of Android Smartphones and extract the money from their pocket. Protect yourself from the crummy rip through Android malicious apps. A recently published study shows that “Toll fraud “which is definitely the most lucrative scam is currently to rip the Android users. The principle scammers cheer Android users under malicious software that sends text messages to go unnoticed specially established premium rate service numbers.

The increased charges collect the gangsters on the dupes the monthly phone bill. And these apps also drive up to mischief again and again in Germany. What is so special about this trick? Who wants to do with a hidden dial- app fully automatic checkout, it may be placed on so many Smartphones in a very short time before the number is discovered and remedied. In other words, it only works like mafia-like structures with hundreds of workers at work. The trail leads to Russia Lookout investigated a number of fraudulent apps - and quickly became clear that a disproportionate number of Fraudsters have originated in Russia. There, the company identified ten of them. Proceed extremely professional and act as franchise business.

Serves as the headquarters always a " malware Headquarters" From here comes the malicious software, also the premium SMS numbers are operated. In Internet forums they are looking for the "control center”for new independent business partners and for the “Affiliates“And it does not skimp on advertising bolder: “you monetize your web traffic," the lively call. Interested start -up companies buy into the criminal network and provide immediate their own version of the malicious app in homework ago - the control panel to provide a modular programming.

Then they offer their malware on specially crafted websites - disguised as a latest version of a well- coveted app as MP3 file or a porn film of exceptionally free available for download. Who falls for it, installed the malicious app that texting immediately the identification of the “Affiliates “to headquarters. To know whom they have to share the ill-gotten fees. While researching Lookout encountered current rankings, in which all parties or on - descend to hot sales - and as a first place winner could even win some prizes. Thus, the system of malware mafia works Lookout claims to have found thousands of such malicious websites. And the business is lucrative: A malware Partners can also get 700-12000 U.S. dollars a month, the company.

The main goal of any policy is to lure potential victims to divert to the prepared phishing sites. And try the crooks especially on Twitter News: Lookout has identified 50,000 fake Twitter accounts incredible, were sold over the 250,000 tweets with phishing links. As bait to use the popular gangster name apps like “Angry Birds” or Skype. Twitter was alerted and discovered the fake accounts and now be locked. Lookout also derives its findings to the Russian authorities so that they'll blow up the gangs. However, the scam could continue to work in Europe. If you follow these tips, you can be active themselves and arm themselves against malware - mafia.

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