Thursday 5 September 2013

Samsung quick start the production of its DDR4 RAM

A few days ago, Samsung announced that it had started mass production of its DDR4 RAM of 16 and 32 GB This powerful memory is expensive. Intended as a first step to data center, it should appear in public later products. These modules 4Gb DDR4, engraved with a fineness of class 20 nm (20-29 nm) are 1.25 times faster (2.667 Mb / s) DDR3 engraved in 20 nm. Icing on the silicon, it offers power consumption 30% lower. With the arrival of Haswell-E; however it will be the end of 2014 - the DDR4 memory should receive an interesting reinforcement with the first Intel platform able to offer compatibility with this type of memory.

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