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Saturday, 25 July 2015

The Turing Phone is Built to be Unhackable and Unbreakable



Turing Phone – Unique Smartphone, Unhackable/Unbreakable

Smartphones are being utilised for several private tasks like transferring money to sending private photos as well as documents. A company has now developed what it claims is an unhackable as well as unbreakable handset called the `Turing Phone’ and the Android handset provides protected communications network `keeping private information private’ and supports cryptocurrency which hopefully could someday rival Bitcoin.
Engineers have created the unique smartphone which is unhackable and has been built from a special type of metal which tends to be much stronger than titanium and steel thus making it unbreakable. The Turning Phone as it is called is a smartphone with end to end encryption that is built in most of the core apps on the phone. Developed by San Francisco based Turing Robotic Industries, users can activate the Turning phone through a fingerprint reader on the side of the device, according to reports.

The smartphone which is a 5.5 inch phone has no USB port as well as no headphone jack and is made of a material known as liquid morphium and is probably the next big thing with regards to phones. Apple has already been using the material in small quantity in its iPhone 6 models and the phone is said to be unusually waterproof due to its nano coating on the internals. Rubber is not used and everything is accessible as well as open. If the Turing Phone is placed in water, it is not designed to be sealed and water could get in. However, you can pull it out, shake it off and it is ready to be used without much problem.

Protected Communication Network

The San Francisco based company states that its end to end authentication system enables a `protected communication network which is completely insulated from cyber threats as well as privacy intrusions, which means that individuals would be capable of sharing documents as well as data without any cause to worry that it could be hacked. CEO of Turing Robotic Industries, Steve Chao, informed that the focus is on three features namely, nano-coating, liquid metal and privacy keys.

He further explained that these features in the initial days were like the GPS, Wi-Fi and the camera of the early days of smartphones where people were a bit apprehensive towards these features, though they got standardized later on. He states that if one does not have nano-coating privacy key and liquid metal, one could get phased out right way in the near future. Beginning July 31, the phone will be available at $610 for a 16GB model according to Chao and runs on Android 5.1 Lollipop with Turing Aemaeth UI, with three colour variants namely, Pharaoh, Cardinal and Beowulf.

Besides this, the other specifications include a 5.5 inch full HD – 1080x1920 pixel, display, 2.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 SoC, 3GB RAM :16/32/64GB storage models, with a 13 megapixel rear camera together with dual-LED flash, 8 megapixel front facing camera, 4G LTE, Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.0 LE:NFC, GPS/Glonass as well as a non-removable 3000mAh battery. Sensors comprise of accelerometer, fingerprint, gyroscope, magnetometer, proximity, temperature, humidity and ambient light.

Activated Via Fingerprint Reader

The phone is designed with security in mind with end to end encryption which is built in most of the core apps on phone and also has a `Turing coin’ within, a crypotcurrency which Chao speculates would catch on. It’s activated via a fingerprint reader towards the side of the phone and is prepared to keep servers as well as third parties out as much as possible.

The company is at work on an API in order to enable user in accessing all these features. The Turing Phone in short is meant to be totally and absolutely unhackable. It also tends to be unbreakable since it is made from material like liquidmorphium, being much stronger than steel or aluminium as well as efficient for use in manufacturing. Chao commented that Apple tends to use it a bit though only in the SIM card slot on the iPhone but says that the iPhone 7 could make much more usage of the material.
Software Totally & Entirely Customized
Chao together with his team have been working on battery technology which according to him would be ready to show up in eight months and would be going to `change the world’. The final plan is to develop a robot butler that `would serve your day-to-day needs’ and to do so, he states that they are `working on their own artificial consciousness machine though not artificial intelligence, artificial consciousness’.The software is totally and entirely customized and Chao had shown a few home screens in a demo though he is confident that it will be a masterpiece.

He also promises a total overhaul of Android which would be a great enhancement on Google’s vision across the board. Chao, who is an architect both by training and disposition, envisages the phone is for designers as well as for anyone preferring something a little diverse from the black rectangles which blanket the world’s carrier stores. The company’s CEO informed Wired, that the software of the phone would be a `masterpiece’ and huge improvement on Android screens which users are presently familiar with.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Converting LG G2 To LG G3

 LG G2

The XDA forum has developed a new firmware version of LG3 Optimus UI, which can be used in LG2. By following the steps below, it can be installed in LG2 and a 4K display can be experienced.

Requirements: The following things required in order to install LG3 Optimus in LG2:
  • The LG2 phone has to be rooted.
  • The phone has to have a custom recovery installed.

Disclaimer: The steps, which are required to install the LG 3 Optimus in LG 2 phones, has to be followed word by word. If a person misses a step or does a step incorrectly the phone may turn into nothing more than a toy phone. If such a situation arises, no one shall take the responsibility for turning it into a showpiece other than the person who was installing it.

The procedure will not protect the phone’s internal memory. To protect the memory of the phone installing a back up is essential. If the backup application is installed properly, all the files could be saved. Either it can be backed up manually as well as by using an appropriate application. Manually it could be done through the use of USB port. Different backup application software are also available that can be easily used to save the internal memory of the phone.

The easy steps that follow are a simple guide to convert a LG G2 phone into a LG G3 phone. What is important to remember is, these steps are applicable for the model - LG G2 D802. No other model will respond to these steps.

How to install LG 3 Optimus in LG 2:

The following steps have to be followed to the line to get the 4K effect in LG 2. :

Step 1: The ROM file named Optimus G3 V1.0 has to be downloaded. Care must be taken while downloading and only the recent version should be downloaded.
Step 2: KK Baseband must be downloaded for the model number.
Step 3: Both the ZIP files must be copied to the root of LG G2.
Step 4: The LG G2 has to be rebooted in the recovery mode. It can be easily done by pressing down the volume button and the power button in the phone and letting it go after the appearance of the LG logo, and it will come back after the phone has been booted in the recovery mode.
Step 5: Clear up the phone. Refresh the data, software and the system in the phone. Give it a good wipe.
Step 6: And the final step in converting a simple LG G2 into a LG G3, giving it a 4K experience is to remember that, the ROM has to be installed from the recovery mode, install the ZIP files and then flash it in KK baseband.

By following these 6 simple steps, the LG G2 user will be able to experience the user interface used by the LG G3 users.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Nokia Lumia 1520 A full-HD mobile phone

Nokia apparently intends to present the Lumia 1520 Smartphone with a 6 -inch display and full HD resolution and a 20 - megapixel camera. The device may be the last Smartphone under the brand name Nokia. The Twitter user evleaks has now posted a picture of the Smartphone. The supposed 6 -inch screen with full HD resolution is good to see. Apparently Nokia is planning for this year is still for a Smartphone with 6- inch display and full HD resolution. Under the name of the currently circulating device Lumia 1520 photos are now surfaced at first. On the comparison Lumia 1520 appears much larger than the Lumia 1020 next to it. The red skin seems to be made of polycarbonate. In addition, a cover in the style of induction chargers from Nokia can be seen. The processor is the source called a Snapdragon CPU with four cores. Windows Phone 8 is probably installed in the latest stage of GDR3 for full HD resolution. Instead, the 20- megapixel camera is available in Lumia 1520. In September, the Lumia 1520 could be presented.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Tested the original functions of compact digital cameras

Despite many predictions of extinction with the wave of smart phones, compact cameras continue to sell like hotcakes. But with the democratization of reflex, users have become more demanding with their handheld sensors. 

Manufacturers redoubling their imaginations and include many features that come out of the computer, the HDR geolocation, through amphibious aircraft or sharing via WiFi.

Friday, 20 January 2012

A smartphone that beats to the rhythm of the heart

According to some visionaries, the future smartphones will be able to convey emotions. The designer Sang-hoon Lee takes this idea to its climax by making a concept smartphone that beats to the rhythm of the heart of its owner.

After Empathy, Heart Beat Phone is the new concept of emotional smartphone. The device is able to imitate the beating of the heart. The smartphone is pink and has rounded edges. With no physical keyboard, the device has a touchscreen display that occupies its entire front.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

The New-flanged Sony

It is now officially recorded, Ericsson will sell its share (50% to 1.05 billion euros) of Sony Ericsson joint venture to its partner. Sony is now the sole owner of the mobile manufacturer, thus validating its strategy "four screens".

"We will be able to offer faster and more broadly our customers with smartphones, laptops, tablets and televisions connected seamlessly to each other and open new worlds of online entertainment," argued in a statement Howard Stringer, CEO from Sony.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Copper, 3D smartphone

Copper is a concept of 3D smartphone with a three-dimensional 4-inch screen. It displays high definition images and especially in 3D with a ratio 16: 9. This mobile phone can watch movies in 3D without having to wear the famous three-dimensional glasses. It is able to make realistic images at the pixel level and capture video in 3D, still in HD.

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Paperphone, the next generation Smartphone

Cell phones with physical buttons with tactile current Smartphone, the interaction between man and the mobile has changed remarkably. Recently, researchers at Queen's University in Ontario have introduced a new interface for Smartphone of tomorrow through the concept Paperphone.

Friday, 1 April 2011

A dock plate retro iPhone

The concept of dock designed by Olivier Meynard  iPhone is undeniably the most interesting in recent months. The style, look, the idea and functionality, this seems to meet all its retro-modern platinum.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Leica and Apple Now in i9 concept

A collaboration between Apple and Leica enthusiasts would dream of new technology. But since this deal is not the agenda they will just designers who imagine that this could give a product common to both constructors.

Precisely, the Californian band Black Design Associates brings together two firms through their new concept: Leica i9. 

Thursday, 3 March 2011

BlackBerry Playbook

The BlackBerry playbook finally has a mail client, calendar and directory. It is a small revolution in Research for Black Berry Play book.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Sofie, a polaroid cover for iPhone

           Sofie cover a unique, specially designed for i Phone. This cover is actually a dock. It transforms the i Phone camera "Polaroid". Pictures taken on the smart phone are printed instantly.