Thursday, 3 March 2011

BlackBerry Playbook

The BlackBerry playbook finally has a mail client, calendar and directory. It is a small revolution in Research for Black Berry Play book.
In Action it has finally shown its face detractors copy of its tablet. The three applications were added to the terminal normally operate only when the shelf was paired with a BlackBerry Smartphone. This makes these functions available only to owners of mobile brand in Canada.

With this addition unexpected, RIM has satisfied its customers, but also proved weaker than its competitor Apple. Recall that the "copy / paste" of the iPhone was reached with the third update of the operating system.

Alongside this announcement, we learned that the upcoming release of BlackBerry OS 7, the next iteration of the system for RIM Smartphone. In this regard, Andrew Bocking, vice president of the Canadian firm, explained that this OS will not incorporate the Android application compatibility, unlike the playbook. Moreover, this seventh operating system will still not compatible with Adobe Flash. The output of BB OS7 is scheduled with the Bold 9900, during the summer.

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