Sunday 20 March 2011

New Clues about Windows store

As the weeks, Windows 8 and its features become clearer. The new version leaked on the web, includes explicit references to a Windows Store, an online application.

It is difficult for Microsoft to maintain secrecy around the next version of its operating system. The last update date of the server version findable on the forums Beta Archive reveals elements related to the Windows Store.

Is rummaging through the files of the system? The Russian site noticed several files that reference it. In searching further forward, the Russians also dug up an icon that they present as the future store. A previous Windows Update 8 had already revealed some interesting information identified by the Windows 8 Italia.

The store should thus be encoded in HTML5 and deliver applications to users since the Azure Cloud, the online storage system from Microsoft. It is also possible to buy directly from downloaded applications, install a trial version and then move to full pay or rate and review each application.

Since no release date for Windows 8 has been announced so far, recent statements by Microsoft on the life of their operating systems would its release in September.

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