Monday, 28 February 2011

The Match Between Anti-Radar Applications

The iPhone can replace a good radar detector? of the three following  applications (Avertinoo, and Eklaireur iCoyote), we tested different aspects of the alarms screened. Here is our verdict.

Avertinoo: ZoomUne very beautiful interface can be charged shortly to be understood in a glance by the driver. You can see on the screen the number of "openers" and "followers", that is to say the number of service users connected directly in front and behind you. Mode "night" is rather well thought out, especially since the black background could interfere once a day fell. The user has many small technical information (accuracy of the location, longitude / latitude, software version, etc..), But included too small to be legible.

Eklaireur:  Zoom Unique  little less pleasing to the eye compared to Avertinoo, the interface is more accessible while driving. Two points stand out on its opponents. The first is to display the last passages near Eklaireur, users of the service on the main screen and in real time. The second is to offer a mini-flow of information also live on the traffic situation or possible work in the area traversed. Last trump, the display of weather as  a small icon at the top of the screen.

iCoyote: Zoom iCoyote is clearly below its two other competitors visually. While the interface is clear and understandable in a few seconds, but offers much less information on one page. However recognize that the font size selected, larger than the other two applications, is much more readable and more suitable for use on iPhone.

Verdict: Avertinoo Eklaireur slightly ahead despite some missing information visually on the main interface.

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