Thursday, 24 February 2011

Groove strap transforms an external hard drive player

Jaineel Shah presented a concept for listening music on an external hard drive, everywhere. Groove strap appointed, the concept is halfway between external hard drives and portable multimedia common.

The Indian designer has, in fact, designed a device capable of transforming an external hard drive MP3 player. With its T-shape, Groove strap has a mini LCD screen and two buttons for controlling music. The buttons are located on either side of the screen. One does the volume control while the other skips from one song to another. The input jack is located at one of the buttons. The unit also has a flexible portion with a dock designed to accommodate the USB drive. A 2.5-inch hard drive anyway. To prevent tangling son.


According Jaineel Shah Groove strap joined the business with pleasure. The concept is still far from the marketing stage. The hardest is to make a device powerful enough to power any external hard drive and persuade music lovers to carry them over 1TB of music.

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