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Saturday, 5 July 2014

Converting LG G2 To LG G3

 LG G2

The XDA forum has developed a new firmware version of LG3 Optimus UI, which can be used in LG2. By following the steps below, it can be installed in LG2 and a 4K display can be experienced.

Requirements: The following things required in order to install LG3 Optimus in LG2:
  • The LG2 phone has to be rooted.
  • The phone has to have a custom recovery installed.

Disclaimer: The steps, which are required to install the LG 3 Optimus in LG 2 phones, has to be followed word by word. If a person misses a step or does a step incorrectly the phone may turn into nothing more than a toy phone. If such a situation arises, no one shall take the responsibility for turning it into a showpiece other than the person who was installing it.

The procedure will not protect the phone’s internal memory. To protect the memory of the phone installing a back up is essential. If the backup application is installed properly, all the files could be saved. Either it can be backed up manually as well as by using an appropriate application. Manually it could be done through the use of USB port. Different backup application software are also available that can be easily used to save the internal memory of the phone.

The easy steps that follow are a simple guide to convert a LG G2 phone into a LG G3 phone. What is important to remember is, these steps are applicable for the model - LG G2 D802. No other model will respond to these steps.

How to install LG 3 Optimus in LG 2:

The following steps have to be followed to the line to get the 4K effect in LG 2. :

Step 1: The ROM file named Optimus G3 V1.0 has to be downloaded. Care must be taken while downloading and only the recent version should be downloaded.
Step 2: KK Baseband must be downloaded for the model number.
Step 3: Both the ZIP files must be copied to the root of LG G2.
Step 4: The LG G2 has to be rebooted in the recovery mode. It can be easily done by pressing down the volume button and the power button in the phone and letting it go after the appearance of the LG logo, and it will come back after the phone has been booted in the recovery mode.
Step 5: Clear up the phone. Refresh the data, software and the system in the phone. Give it a good wipe.
Step 6: And the final step in converting a simple LG G2 into a LG G3, giving it a 4K experience is to remember that, the ROM has to be installed from the recovery mode, install the ZIP files and then flash it in KK baseband.

By following these 6 simple steps, the LG G2 user will be able to experience the user interface used by the LG G3 users.

Saturday, 27 July 2013

New Smartphone LG G2

LG released little more details about the new G2 and promotes the presentation of the new Smartphones on 7 August 2013. According to a teaser video of the phone released by its owner it was learnt. According to another teaser video available here LG released more details about its new Smartphone. In the 1:37 minute film is hard to see anything more about the Smartphone, instead the audience learns a few interesting facts about the people: as long as it crawls, how many friends he has or how often he dreams. At the very end, the silhouette of a Smartphone, then the message "- LG G2 Learning from You" - appears, including the invitation, on 7 August to see how the G2 learns from its users.

 This suggests that LG has developed new software that recognizes the user and his typical behavior; it adjusts and adapts itself so that to simplify the usage of it. The rumors about the hardware equipment are 5.2-inch full-HD display and 800 Snapdragon processor - have now expanded to include a 13-megapixel camera, three gigabytes of RAM and an Adreno 330 graphics chip. LG makes an invitation to an event attracted attention in New York. A video also makes curious to 7th August 2013. A fairly clear indication of the performance of the LG G2 is the word "Great 2 Have You" - the G and the two are strikingly large. Not much is known yet about the new flagship. The alleged photos of the device surfaced on Twitter recently. Apparently those are stills from a promotional video. The Smartphone is named as G2 - the predecessor of it was called Optimus G. Inside the device might operate a 800 Snapdragon processor. Talking is also a 5.2-inch display with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels.