Thursday 27 October 2011

The New-flanged Sony

It is now officially recorded, Ericsson will sell its share (50% to 1.05 billion euros) of Sony Ericsson joint venture to its partner. Sony is now the sole owner of the mobile manufacturer, thus validating its strategy "four screens".

"We will be able to offer faster and more broadly our customers with smartphones, laptops, tablets and televisions connected seamlessly to each other and open new worlds of online entertainment," argued in a statement Howard Stringer, CEO from Sony.

To a disappearance of the brand?

This acquisition also allows the Japanese group to get their hands on many patents, now the war of nerves in the mobile industry, "with a dynamic business smartphone and access to valuable intellectual property on the strategic plan, including agreements shared license, our strategy on four screens in place, "continues Howard Stringer.

Ericsson now free of this activity in the general public will be able to focus on its core network supplier for operators. The accuracy was not made by the press, but no doubt that the mark is likely to disappear now, exclusively on behalf of Sony.

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