Tuesday 4 October 2011

Solution Union Offers Private Label Solutions Suite

Want to get into the online software solutions game and shore up those weak monthly sales with residual income based products? Well this article is for you! A Chicago based firm named Solution Union has amassed a set of core business applications that every small business needs and with prices that allow resellers to compete head to head with the big dogs. Their solutions include online backup, email security, hosted exchange services and Blackberry enterprise which works directly with hosted exchange 2010. Solution Union aims to help their customers start and maintain a SaaS business easily with minimum hassles, low setup costs and without expensive infrastructure to capitalize.

Having all of these hosted services in one location and managed by a state of the art portal is what separates them from the crowd. Piecing solutions of this nature together from around the internet isn’t going to make you more efficient and in the end cost you more. Time is money. It all needs to be in one place and manageable with real engineers that don’t read off of planned conversation screens and have no real world experience implementing the solutions they sell. Solution Union has a technical services arm of their company that manages clients throughout the Midwest staying current in what businesses need to operate efficiently in today’s online marketplace. That knowledge translates directly to the support and products you receive when you sign up with these guys.

The marketplace is changing so tapping into the private label software market only makes sense to stay competitive. Ramping up your own solutions business is very expensive and eats any margin you may make until you have hundreds of customers. Not just in general but in each product segment you are competing. Ongoing support is also an expense that needs to be added into the equation otherwise you will bleed profits and never really understand why. Economies of scale are the law of the land in hosted services.

Another reason to choose these guys is that their solutions aren’t some off-the-net open source junk applications that have no track record in the real world, but in fact are best of breed and used throughout fortune 500.

Amongst those are private label email security, powered by Google, which is a service that is already included in their hosted exchange products at no additional cost. The security is Google’s patented architecture that blocks email-borne threats like spam and viruses and really has no equal in terms of effectiveness and reliability.

Business communications and collaboration comes by way of hosted Microsoft exchange. Hosted Exchange 2010 allows the end user to share documents, calendars, contacts, tasks, and notes, effortlessly and all on a platform that is widely known and easy to use. Outlook 2010 is the benchmark for email clients and comes free with your account at Solution Union.

Combine Blackberry enterprise with hosted exchange and you are positioned as a mobility expert to your clients. That looks great on your business card or brochure!

Put this all together and you get client comments like this:

“These guys know their stuff hands down in just about every area. Quite honestly the best support I have ever seen.”

“Solution Union has been amazing. Their customer service is great. The guys there respond very quickly and go above and beyond to help.”

“I don't give testimonials ever. I will this time. These guys are truly great! Sign up now and change your business.”

“Solution Union played a massive role in the expansion of my online business. Two thumbs way up!”

“Online Backup Manager is just a great product. Fantastic functionality and truly easy to sell!”

“I was hesitant at first, but Kevin made it super easy to start my online business. Anyone can do this with these guys on your side.”

“Thanks to Solution Union I was able to make a ton more money from my existing clients. awesome!”

From SolutionUnion.com: We believe that starting a SaaS business should be easy (perhaps even fun!), and that you shouldn’t have to worry about setup fees and expensive infrastructure. That’s why we make it easy for you with our powerful suite of wholesale solutions, then support you every step of the way. Whether you want a low-hassle way to make residual income or want to 'run the show' under your own private White Label brand. Whatever you want, we've got you covered. We’re nerds. Yep, we admit it, but that’s what makes us so good. We’re passionate about what we do and it shows. If you need us, we're here. It's all part of our commitment to providing world-class customer service; no call centers, no outsourcing. Our certified network engineers are all USA-based, passionate about your business, and know our solutions inside out. Please visit www.solutionunion.com for further information.

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