Thursday 6 October 2011

Steve Jobs with Bill Gates

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were a perfect illustration of the enemy brothers, sometimes allies and sometimes rivals. Steve Jobs called on Microsoft in 1984: the young company of Bill Gates was given the realization of software for the Macintosh, including the Excel spreadsheet. A few years later, while Microsoft is working in parallel to IBM, the release of Windows will set fire to the powder. Apple shouts treason.
Year after year, Microsoft sees his empire expand and Apple is losing ground. In July 1997, the firm at the apple is on the brink. Bill Gates decides to invest $ 150 million in Apple in exchange for shares but also against the cessation of legal proceedings.

"We must stop believing that Microsoft must lose to win Apple"

Steve Jobs put an end to more than a decade of rivalry clash with a sentence: "We must stop believing the need for Apple to win Microsoft loses," says he. Bill Gates is also invited to the traditional annual press conference, the "keynote" of 1997. The war is over but some spikes still leave regularly from both others, as when in 2005 Apple launched a publicity campaign mocking the PC. Rare moment in 2007: The Wall Street Journal is organizing a conference on emerging technologies in San Francisco and invites Steve Jobs and Bill Gates to tell their memories. "What Steve has done is phenomenal," will recognize Bill Gates.


  1. I hope that hollywood would release a film about their rivalry and friendship,if they have one..

  2. icons of their times, in their own might !!

  3. @Sworship.. There is already a brilliant movie about this: "Pirates of Silicon Valley" do watch it

  4. Ah this was news to me, I think I should watch the movie you suggested :)

  5. great rivalry , do watch pirates of the silicon valley :)

  6. I second that. Pirates of Silicon Valley is a must watch.


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