Sunday 23 October 2011

The Great Surprises - Part 3

Airmouse, imagined and created by the Canadian company DeanMark, is expected to increase the accuracy and timeliness of work performed while preserving the integrity of the ligaments of the hand. It consists of a "skin" neoprene which are fixed on a 2D sensor, at the palm and the left and right click buttons at the end of the index and middle fingers. It is also a mouse that knows how to forget because it turns off when no longer needed her and that is used...

Continue our journey through the intricacies of the female anatomy with iTit, a mouse with two generous curves designed by Iranian designers. Why a breast? For the philosophy of the project it combines emotional approach and touch interaction, particularly through a Teton serving as mini-joystick.

This is the design studio Nendo and Japanese architecture that created the wireless mouse for the Japanese manufacturer Elecom. Oppopet baptized, they all have an animal of the dolphin tail fox through the inevitable pig. The latter provide the wireless connection.


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