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Tuesday 25 November 2014

Reduce the Risk of Mobile Radiation- Follow These Tips

Mobile radiation Chart
In order to carry out data transmission, Radio frequency Energy or RF is emitted by the mobile phones. Radio frequency Energy waves are said to be travelling in the form of electromagnetic fields. Other radiations like Gamma and X-Ray are known to cause interference or ionization in human body, but contrary to this RF waves do not cause any such problems.

Whom to trust: 

U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has already said that the RF radiations produced by the mobile phones are at very low level hence not capable enough to cause any serious health problems. Probably the same would have been told about Alcohol and Cigarettes. Contrary to FDA, World Health Organization (WHO) has said that the electromagnetic waves, which are produced by the mobiles phones, are considered carcinogenic to human beings and this has been very much classified by the “International Agency for Research on Cancer”.

No one can assure whether mobile phones are threatening or not. If you ask a common person, excessive use of phones have really given headache and restlessness to them. So what can we do? Following the below mentioned tips will come handy:

Always buy branded phones: 

One of the best means of prevention from the dangerous radiations emitted from phones. There are many phones, which have been approved by the authorities. Some of the example brands are Apple, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Sony, among others.

Always check the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) value: 

Most of the time, this information can be found on the setting tab of the menu. If you are unable to locate the same then you need to dial *#07# on your mobile and the information will be relayed. If the phone does not relay the information, it means that the brand is not following with local and International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) standards.


If you are a person who is not able to invest in branded phones and have rather settled down with a Chinese make phone, it is time to start using headphones. This is only way you can avoid using the phone directly close to your head. Do not think of getting a Bluetooth device as that also will emit radiations to affect your health.

Switch of the phone when not using it: 

It is not possible to switch off the phone during office hours, but is always important to switch off the phone at bedtime and not to sleep with the phone close to you.

Keep the phone away from body: 

Always try to avoid keeping phone close to you. If the phone is in pocket always, keep the screen towards your body to ensure radiations move out of the body.

Using mobile phones continuously can never be deemed correct; it is common understanding among the users. However, sometime there are situations wherein you might have situations wherein you have to carry your phone or use it most of the time. Just try to follow above steps to avoid any future damage.

Friday 23 May 2014

What are the things that shouldLook for in a Budget Android Cell Phone

Everyone has a desire to buy an android cell phone and the main thing is that, they have to think about their finance. Having an android mobile is become a passion for the teenagers and they will feel more happy if their mobile has features like high end mobiles.

You can see that the price of the android mobile will varies from low range to higher range. But in order to buy a mobile, we need to check out various features that are present in the mobile or not. In this post, I have shared a bit of information that allows you to go through the various things that you’re supposed to buy a mobile in your budget.

You need to look each and everything in the mobile that you were going to buy. Suppose, if you were going to buy a mobile, you need to know about its battery capacity, camera clarity and so on. Here is the list of things that you need to check out while buying a new mobile.

Processor: Processor is the main thing that you need to verify before buying a mobile. While you were buying a budget phone, the higher processing speed makes you to work faster in your device and also you can run high end application in your mobile, if you have higher processing speed.

If you buying a mobile in low cost make sure you were buying a dual core processor, so that you can escape from the lag in the phone. This enables you to play games without lag and you can experience a higher performance.

RAM: RAM is the next main thing that allows you to run several applications in your mobile and also you can easily improve the multitasking with the help of higher capacity RAM. If you have lower amount of RAM in your mobile, then you cannot open more than two applications in your mobile.

It will make your mobile to become more lag, even if you have higher processor, the device will be bit slower if the RAM is too low.

Connectivity: While buying a mobile, you need to concentrate over the connectivity. For example, device without GPS and Wi-Fi is similar to the basic mobiles, and also if you more connectivity purposes, then you can use them with greater flexibility.

You can use the Wi-Fi hotspot for surfing with your laptop or any other device without any need of wired connection.

Operating System: Operating system is another thing that is to be considered before buying a new android mobile. Make sure that device can be updated in future and also make sure that the mobile has latest update of the current installed operating system.

Choose the mobile which has more flexibility, and also choose the device which has operating system after Android Version 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, because more applications support comes after the Ice Cream Sandwich.

So it is very mandatory to check these things while buying the mobile.

Friday 24 January 2014

Nokia Lumia 929 windows Phone Details Surfaced!

Nokia Lumia 929
Earlier rumors aired about Nokia's first five-inch super phone Lumia 929 to Mobile World Congress come the end of February in Abu Dhabi. The U.S. journalist Evan Blass has leaked photos of the Nokia Lumia 929 via his Twitter account.

The Nokia Lumia 929 is a high-end model, according to the Finns rumors developed for the U.S. mobile service provider Verizon. Now, the U.S. provider has accidentally confirmed the rumor hence U.S. bloggers stumbled in the online store of Verizon about the new Lumia, the cost of Lumia 929 will be around 777 dollars and will be available in black and white there in a very short time .

When Chinese traders Tao Bao stumbled, the Lumia 929 is supposed to be available already in a gray market. With the Lumia 929, Nokia would bring a device for the first time what is similar to the Samsung Galaxy S4 which has a five-inch display. This closes the gap between the smaller Lumia 925 and the giant Phablet 1520.

A similar variant for Europe is to be expected, such as the Lumia 935. Technically, the Lumia 929 is largely a more manageable version of the giant - Phablet Lumia 1520, currently which is one of the best Windows Phone Smartphone available in the market. The most important difference is that the new Lumia 929 is with its five-inch screen much easier to handle than the six-inch Phablet.

Like the Lumia 1520; Lumia 929 is coming with fast quad-core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 with 2.2 GHz. The new Lumia would be significantly faster than the current Lumias in terms of the graphics performance and is expected to quadruple as the Lumia a1520. The operating system is Windows Phone 8 and it is used in the current version GDR3 with any extension of Nokia's Lumia Black firmware. Wireless Charging with Qi -compatible charging cradle is possible; NFC, Bluetooth 4.0 and improved microphone technique (three or more microphones) are installed.

Important difference with Lumia 1520 is that its memory is not expandable supposedly, but 32 GB could be installed. The five-inch screen comes with a Full HD resolution of 1920x1080 pixels, while the Lumia 925 has only 1280x768 pixels. Tension remains the question of whether the new technology is installed for better readability in direct sunlight. The 20 megapixel camera is expected to resemble the Pure View camera with which the Lumia 1520 has.

In this case, the phone uses the high resolution of the sensor in order to optimize image quality for smaller variants of the five-megapixel photos. Flash replacement has done to serve a dual LED light. The Lumia 929 could be seen at the Mobile World Congress in late February as the last Windows phone under the brand name Nokia before Microsoft complete the acquisition of Nokia's mobile phone division. With the Lumia 929, Nokia and Microsoft could introduce a Windows Superphone the latest technology generation on the wireless trade show in Barcelona last, the much handier than the size of its technical model Lumia 1520. We can only hope that the version for the European market comes similar to that of Lumia 935 in the color range in the market.

Saturday 18 January 2014

How to Download Torrents on Windows Symbian and Java Mobile

Torrent on Mobile
Downloading files in the internet is becoming a common thing in this technology era, and you can easily sort out different kinds of files in the torrents sites and easily download from those sites. But the main thing that we need to consider is that, we need a bit torrent client while downloading a torrent files in a website. We can install this client in a click, if we are using a personal computer or else a laptop. But in case of mobile phones, the torrent client’s availability is very less. Nowadays Smartphones has so many applications in order to download a torrent file from internet.

In case of android mobiles, you can download the torrent files by using the applications that are available in the Google Play store. But in case of the Java and Symbian mobiles, the case is some difficult while compared to android mobiles. But in this post, I have sorted out the various applications for the Symbian and java mobiles to download the torrent files, and finally provide you the best source among those apps.

Downloading a torrent files in the Windows Mobile is very easy and here it goes;

How to Download Torrent Files in the Windows mobiles: 

Since Windows mobile has its own style and standard, they provide lots of applications for their mobiles. And they offer various levels of applications for their mobiles, among those applications, the Wp torrents is one of the best torrents file downloader for the Windows mobiles. In this case, you can easily download various torrents files with files and applications from the mobiles. Wp Torrent is a best torrent client which allows you to download torrents files of any sizes from your mobile itself.

Features of Wp Torrent: 

1. Wp Torrent allows you to download various levels of Music, audios and it also comes with integrated Music and Video Playback system.

2. Wp Torrent has both Free and Paid Versions, the Free versions allows you to download the files at the speed of 200KB/s and by using the Premium versions, you can download as much you can with unlimited speed.

How to Download Torrent Files using Java Mobiles: 

MobTorrent is a good Java application which can be used for downloading the torrents files. The MobTorrent provides a better options and features for downloading the torrents files from your java mobiles itself. By installing this application, you can download the torrent files in any of your java mobiles.

How to Download Torrents files in the Symbian Mobiles: 

If you are a Symbian user, then don’t worry. You can easily download the torrent files in the Symbian mobile very easily. SymTorrent is an application, which can be used for downloading the torrent files in your Symbian Mobiles. SymTorrent is available for free of cost in the internet and you can download this application from the internet. SymTorrent lets you to download the torrent files as much as you want.

Thursday 22 August 2013

Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3; A monster Smartphone

At 6.3 inches, the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 is undoubtedly great. The Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 is only an inch thick and weighs 201 grams with a screen size of 6.3 inches (16 centimeters). The display of the Galaxy Mega 6.3 shows only 1280x720 pixels - it's still sharp. The Mega is not AMOLED, but an LCD display. This has advantages and disadvantages: the whites are clear, but black always looks dark gray. Watching movies and gaming in Mega bring the giant Wins more fun than on any other phone - especially as the colors look realistic on the high-contrast display and can be adjusted according to taste. Although the screen is not exceptionally bright; but still it is fairly easy to read in the sunlight. Galaxy Mega is equipped with a dual-core chip. With the Qualcomm Snapdragon Smartphone is slightly slower than a quad-core model, in practice, but it was barely noticeable: it is clocked at 1.73 GHz brisk. Daylight shooting of the eight-megapixel camera in the mega can still compete with the iPhone 5. Samsung has equipped the 6.3 mega alongside Android 4.2.2 with its own user interface and other features. In large Smartphones, a large battery fits. While conventional models around 2,000 milliamp hours (mAh) store, he summarizes the Mega 3200 mAh. That is more than enough for a day's work. In addition, the Mega has some handy features on board: the multi-window functions although there is some time, but it's really fun to Mega: This two app windows can simultaneously represent. Become standard in Samsung Smartphones: To control any TV there is an infrared remote control in Mega. The Adapt-sound adjustment, you should try it: This can also be from bad headphones bringing out the best possible sound. The Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 is huge, but not cumbersome: The sound quality of the phone is good, the pace fast, and the display reacts quickly. The screen is a bit dark and the small built-in memory.

Wednesday 10 July 2013

Nokia Lumia 1020 with 41 megapixels!

In 2012, the Nokia 808 Pure View with 41 megapixel camera was released, gain in July 2013, Nokia Lumia the successor of its pixel monster with Windows Phone 8. In the first glance the Nokia Lumina 1020 looks like regular model of Lumia phones. According to the blog reports, the Lumia 1020 comes with two gigabytes of RAM and 32 gigabytes of internal memory. Expansion through Memory card is not provided. Also this Nokia Smartphone will offer additional cases that support wireless charging. In addition, NFC and an FM radio on board. About the pre-installed "Camera Pro" app, you can also configure the camera manually. To set about the white balance, ISO setting and shutter speed manually. Nokia has indirectly confirmed that this Nokia's new camera phone will actually have a 41 megapixel sensor. For other Smartphones is closing at a maximum resolution camera 13 megapixels. The blog ViziLeaks already shows photos of the alleged internal supposed "Elvis" equipment mentioned in circulation. In the market it will be named as Lumia 1000 Eos or Lumia Smartphone as 1020. As the test of its predecessor Nokia 808 Pure View shows the main advantage of the sharper sensor is not necessarily in the ability to store photos in huge resolution. It's more about the optimization of image quality: This creates better at the end of eight or five-megapixel photos than a normal camera sensor. Unique to mobile phone cameras is the ability to zoom in quasi photos and videos at Pure View mode. The 41-megapixel technology Nokia has called Pure View 1 technology. For Lumia 920 and Lumia 925, however, the Pure View-2 technique was used: the higher image sharpness alone does not, however, provide through an optical image stabilizer for shake-poor video footage and high-intensity shooting in dull lighting or without flash. Exciting - but technically not that easy - would be the combination of both technologies: How would shoot in low light or low steady video possible as well as photos with impressive image quality. If Nokia manages to square this circle is on 11 Show in July.

According to the Windows Phone Central 1020 is equipped with 720p OLED display. Just like the Lumia 920 will be surrounded by a shell of polycarbonate, The Nokia 1020, Compared to Lumia 920 is one millimeter thinner - but it has a large recess for the camera. Nevertheless, it is much thicker than other Smartphones, especially as the sleek Lumia 925. With the 41-megapixel Nokia technique demonstrated its expertise in mobile phone cameras – then their competitors cannot match. If Nokia is able to combine the technique of photo 808 View Pure and Lumia 925, Nokia's new friends would find many pixels monster.

Wednesday 26 June 2013

HTC Desire 200

The HTC Desire 200 is an Android Smartphone that is clearly targeted at beginners and provides a five-megapixel camera and a one-gigahertz processor. It finely fits in to your pocket. The HTC Desire 200 offers five-megapixel camera and Beats Audio. The Android Smartphone offers a 3.5-inch display with a resolution of 480x320 pixels, however, is extremely low. Behind the scenes is a single-core Qualcomm processor with one gigahertz clock in collaboration with 500 MB of memory used. Which version of Android Smartphone that gets missed, unfortunately, is still unknown. However, the operating system, as is usual with HTC, coupled with the company's own user interface "HTC Sense". The integrated camera of the HTC Desire 200 beautifully solves your photos with five megapixels and offers Smile detection, and various effects and filters. Save your data on the four gigabytes of internal memory, which can however be expanded with a microSD card up to 32 gigabytes. The usual standards of the HTC Desire 200 have as usual Bluetooth 4.0, as well as HSDPA and Wi-Fi. With dimensions of 10,8 x6, 1x1, 2 cm Desire 200 fits in any pocket and is only 100 grams with a real lightweight. The 1230 mAh (milliamp hours) strong battery should last for around eleven hours calls according to the manufacturer. Also, the sound enhancement "Beats Audio" as used in most current HTC devices, the Desire 200 also with the same. Add to that the "HTC Data Manager", which is supposed to guarantee a low data consumption and the "Intelligent Display" that automatically adjusts web pages to fit the display size.

Cell Phone Monitoring Helper

Cell phones are the most important means of communication which is fast and convenient to all users all over the globe. With improved technology, sophisticated models are on the rise, with advanced features which helps in the many activities essential in life. When it comes to monitoring our youngsters and children, especially in the case of working parents, who tend to find it difficult to monitor their children due to their hectic schedule, we have cell phone monitoring helper, which is very beneficial in moments like these. This software is a tracking device which is applied to a cell phone for surveillance purpose either to monitor children, employee or at home front and are available at The tracking device helps in providing the much needed information which helps in monitoring the activities of the cell phone user. Some of the features offered are audio and video recording, call log information, call interception, individual call monitoring, GPS tracking, social media activity, text messaging monitoring, keyword search for specific subjects, names and email relays. It is a silent tracking device which is not detectable without any means for suspicion on the installation of this software on the user’s cell phone. Earlier this monitoring system was used as government surveillance tool by FBI, CIA and US military and now the mobile tracker software is marketed to the increasing demand and use of cell phone users. At, user could check on important information on the various options available and that which can suit them according to their requirements. The buyer’s guide could prove to be very beneficial enabling the user on the features and benefits that come on purchasing this tracker software for surveillance purpose. User should also be aware of all the facts before the purchase of this tracker software and learn the terms and conditions of the service provider at their site. They should get acquainted with their purchasing process and their policy which are stated to provide the information to their customers. To gain additional information, users could also check on the testimonial posted by other users which could also help them in making an appropriate purchase from the site.

Saturday 22 June 2013

Super Thin Huawei Ascend P6 available from July

Huawei Ascend reported Thursday that the new P6, a Smartphone with a thickness of only 6.18 mm, from July is available for a suggested retail price of 449 Euros. The Ascend P6 is the thinnest Smartphone in the world and with a 1.5 GHz quad-core processor, a 4.7 inch HD display, an 8 megapixel camera with F2.0 lens and a 5 megapixel camera on the front. Android 4.2.2 running on the device has a shiny, metal housing, weighs only 120 grams and has a battery with a capacity of 2000 mAh. The Ascend P6 is also equipped with the new interface of Huawei Emotion, with updates to Uni-Home including improved security, Huawei’s Me Widget, Magic Touch and Smart Reading. New to the Emotion UI, the ability to panorama pictures and face photography functions. Huawei’s Automatic Discontinuous Reception "and" Quick Power Control battery optimization and energy saving technology to ensure improved performance of more than 30 percent compared to other Smartphones with the same size battery. Finally, the Ascend P6 also easy to pair with other devices thanks to the multi-screen AirSharing function. The Ascend P6 will be available in the colors black and white. The pink color too will follow in a later stage.

Tuesday 18 June 2013

Nokia stops production of Symbian devices from this summer

According to the Financial Times, Nokia deliver the latest Symbian devices in July. The Finnish firm has turned to Windows Phone and its family of entry-level mobile like Asha. Soon Nokia stop making instruments based on Symbian OS devices. This is the information got through the Financial Times and saying that the latest models will be shiped this summer. In fact, Nokia has not released new models from the 808 PureView and its 41 megapixel camera sensor marketed mid-2012. The priority is to the Windows Phone with which Nokia controls more than 80% market share thanks to the Lumia 920 and 710. The manufacturer has passed 5.6 million devices in its first quarter 2013 alone. Besides Windows Phone, Nokia remains on the feature phones segment with Asha range, the last model Asha 501 is expected this summer in the market for 109 Euros without subscription. This phone is the first to use as the new operating system software platform Asha becomes an operating system as such to replace Symbian.

Sunday 2 June 2013

Google Working On Smartphone Moto X

Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside has confirmed that the mobile phone manufacturer purchased by Google is working on a new Smartphone called the Moto X and wants to produce it in the U.S. itself. At the tech conference Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside was sitting on the podium. In an interview with journalists Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher, he confirmed rumors that they are working on a Smartphone called Moto X. It should appear in October, along with other mobile phones by the manufacturer. He also did not provide any details on the technical equipment, so that here the speculation can go on.

 After all, Woodside announced that the Moto X is assembled in a factory in Forth Worth, Texas. The items would not completely come from the U.S. The processor, for example, comes from Taiwan and the OLED screens from Korea. In addition, the Smartphone should have numerous sensors and remember, for example, when it is pulled out of a pocket or force in the car at around 100 kilometers per hour by the driver to a safe use.

TechRadar suspected Motorola introduced the Moto X will not be available on the Google developer conference I / O in May. So remains uncertain whether it will be the first device to the next version of Android (codenamed "Key Lime Pie" lime pie). The mobile phone with at least a 4.5-inch touch screen according to the report would not belong to the Nexus devices, but mark the beginning of a new sub-brand of Google. However, the graphical user interface should be designed similar to the Nexus models. In addition, the Moto X would have new features that occur, for example in competition with S-Beam and S Voice of Siri from Apple or Samsung.

Friday 31 May 2013

All about Google Nexus 4!

The Google Nexus 4 is a top class Smartphone at an intermediate rate. Google Nexus 4 is one of the best Smartphone which can do Android updates early and very easily. LG brings the Nexus 4 now available in a white version also in the market. However, only the Smartphone back and sides of the body shine in new splendor, the front remains unchanged, according to the devices pictures available. According to the manufacturer, the white Nexus 4 will be released first in Hong Kong and then to other markets in the coming weeks. A combination of cool metal and anodized surfaces, which you will not want to put down - all this, is the Nexus 4. The front and back are made of scratch-resistant Gorilla glass. Nevertheless, you need a moment to you is warm with the LG-made Nexus 4, but then it also convinces with a high perceived value. The design is edgy, hugs not as good in the hand like a Galaxy S3. But the Nexus 4 is not so unwieldy. The processing of around 140 grams heavy equipment is perfect, surprisingly a flawless rigid casing, the buttons are tightly enclosed. The edges are rough and rubbery, under the gorilla glass on the back depending on the light shines a different pixel array, but discreetly ... It was only there when it is cold, the glass is also tactile recognizable as such. The large screen is a sharp crack IPS display with 1280x768 pixels, provides a pixel density of 319 ppi. The size is slightly below that of the Galaxy S3 (4.8 inches) to 4.7 inches (11.9 centimeters).

 If you are looking for criticisms, it could be argued the worse compared to AMOLED black level and a smaller angle. But that does not spoil the joy of the great picture while surfing and games. The laboratory certified high brightness, good contrast, natural colors and little reflection. Only the visibility in bright light is not optimal. The quad-core processor "Snapdragon S4" is clocked at 1.5 GHz. various benchmarks substantiate the impression that you are dealing with a fast computer. In one benchmark, for example, the Nexus is a HTC X forward, the next 4 In any case; the Google phone plays forward with. This fits the lush memory of two gigabytes, so far an exception for Smartphones. The device memory is eight or 16 gigabytes and is not expandable. As operating system "Android 4.2" (Jelly Bean) is installed. Great advantage of the Google Phones: future stand with the Nexus 4 at the front of the long part Android update queue. Prima: A small update after the first start already eliminated the error that already established under the Google Apps account acquired should be bought again. Android 4.2 offers "Gesture Typing", offer the other manufacturers as "Swap" gesture by finger wipe only on the keyboard to enter words. The camera has a resolution of eight megapixels. The laboratory test showed an effective resolution of 4.7 megapixels, the sight test on the monitor ordinary, slightly sharpened images. Flier is not the camera. Full HD videos are now standard. The front camera takes HD video and triggers with 1.3 megapixels. New 'Photo Sphere ", a feature that allows you to create 360-degree panoramic pictures from several individual photographs.

However, the results remained the practice test below expectations. In addition, the system was still not free of errors. The data is transmitted via GSM, UMTS, HSPA +, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth. The charging cable, you do not necessarily need the Nexus 4th Instead, you supply the unit with induction of fresh 'juice'. A corresponding space you will need to buy. Alternatively, micro-USB connectors on board that have MHL adapter and HD MOV, MKV & Co. in 1080p on the TV. A status LED below the screen draws attention to received notifications, headphones missing. Although the Nexus 4 does not support the data turbo LTE, the screwdriver from iFixit discovered a LTE chip (Qualcomm WTR1605L) inside - a remnant of the LG Optimus G. The can even be activated by entering a code, but he uses this country nothing. The lack amplifier chip transmits only one band, which is available for example in Canada. The sound quality of the phone is good. The transmission and reception quality is worse than the iPhone 5, but better than some in the Smartphone Galaxy S3 LTE, HTC One XL, and LG True HD. On the Internet the Nexus 4 delivers a great idea: While the browser may not support Flash, but is fast. Apart from the lack of LTE and the data transmission is very fast. HSPA + provides up to 42 megabits per second. The operation hits and no riddles. The average battery life is short (note 3.62), but with eleven hours of typical Smartphone usage cuts the Google Nexus 4 outperformed all competitors mentioned in the preceding paragraph (S3 LTE: ten hours iPhone 5: nine). In total there is for the battery to touch 2.21.

The Nexus 4 comes with an extended version of "Google Now." Now Google gives you information permanently, the content is dependent on your location. Flight details, restaurant reservations, hotel bookings and shipping information are available as well as information on route planning. Now Google has you automatically go to appointments on time and how to get the fastest at a meeting. The Google Nexus have four special features in a well-made housing a fast processor, a current operating system and a large great display. The operation is quick of hand. The Smartphone is aimed at the upper class as standard equipment, attacked with an extremely low entry price from 299 euro but even the middle class. In the test table, the naked Android is taking its toll on the equipment. Security features such as remote lock and note function missing. However, all functions can be retrofitted via app.

Tuesday 28 May 2013

LG offers waterproof version of Optimus G

After Sony and soon Samsung, LG is also giving importance to a high-end Smartphone in a waterproof version. The Optimus GJ released in June in Taiwan for an offer price out equivalent to 600 dollars. The trend towards waterproof and dust proof Smartphones seems to be gaining most major brands. After Sony and Xperia Z and ZR, the future Galaxy S4 a Active Samsung model, LG offers here that turn a waterproof version of its Optimus G. GJ named Optimus, it is certified IPX7, which means it can withstand immersion in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes. Its dimensions are slightly larger than the current model (36.9 x68.9x9.9 mm against 131.9 x 68.9 x 8.5 mm). The Optimus GJ uses features the same 4.7-inch screen and a quadruple heart Snapdragon S4 processor at 1.5 GHz. Same again, the 13 megapixel camera sensor with 2 GB of RAM but only 16 GB of internal storage against 32 GB for Optimus G. This new model was announced recently and will be available in Taiwan next month for an equivalent $ 600 off as introductory price. Its availability in other markets has not yet been detailed.

Wednesday 20 March 2013

Sapphire Display for Future Smartphone!

Sapphire crystals are transparent as that of glass, but have some peculiar advantage that may soon feel the Smartphone users. The display made of Sapphire is extremely durable and scratch resistant. MIT Technology Review is of the opinion that sapphire could be in the future Smartphone displays. Some manufacturers are already experimenting with it for a long period of time. Sapphire is made from molten Aluminum oxide. The production process has long been a closely guarded secret. Therefore, the single crystal is very expensive. While a gorilla glass, which Apple previously built into the iPhone, it costs only $ 3, you have to spend tenfold for a sapphire display.

But By the competition and cheaper production methods, but the price could fall rapidly. The advantage of the sapphire crystal is the low sensitivity to impact. Scratch the disc gets only at very high pressure, which cannot happen in everyday life. Moreover, the material is characterized by a good light transmittance. These reasons have also moved Apple to making the camera lens of the iPhone 5 and the new iPod Touch from SAPPHIRE CRYSTAL. It is the second hardest of all transparent materials and can therefore hardly break. By the end of this year, the first high-end Smartphone are equipped with a solid display.

Friday 15 March 2013

Know About Samsung Galaxy S4

Well Samsung unveiled its Galaxy S4 in the eyes of the world recently. That's all you need to know! Nevertheless, we cannot talk about this surprise. Samsung Galaxy S4 does not really aroused emotion, as it sees with a 5 "display" Full HD Super AMOLED "(1080p, 441 PPI), a plastic shell, 2GB of RAM, a 2600 mAh battery, 16, 32 or 64 GB of internal memory, a micro SD slot, Wi-Fi on, Bluetooth 4, NFC, LTE, a rear sensor of 13 megapixels, a sensor able to achieve before the video in 720p, an IR function allowing its files can be to be transformed in remote, Android 4.2.2, the TouchWiz UI overlay, all in 130 g and 7.9 mm thick. No comments have been made on its processor.

 Point function allows scrolling of the eyes, as was the rumor. By cons, when you play a video on the S4 and you leave the eye, it will automatically pause. Health S application count your steps, estimate the calories you burn in a day, while your finger will serve stylus functions View Air and Air Gesture: waving your finger a few inches from the screen you will be able to interact with it. The S4 will also be offered with a sort of "flip cover", but also with an optional strap to analyze your sleep and heart rate. Good by cons, to give you an idea of the thing, when you take the One HTC in hand, you really feel like to hold a sacred Smartphone, well finished, and last generation. When you weigh the sub-S4 Galaxy, you feel you hold in your hand a Galaxy S3 improved a little.

 The Smartphone will be launched around April 2013.

Friday 20 January 2012

The most expected mobile phones to hit the market in 2012

With the increasingly large number of gizmos and gadget freaks in the US, most of them are waiting for the most awaited mobile phones to hit the market this 2012. Smart phones have taken over the entire market and wit every new release, the smart phone market is offering something new to the customers. Ever since the first iPhone as released 4 years back, the technology market is getting smarter and better. Nowadays, mobiles are not devices through which you can just talk. They’ve replaced a computer and are offering a wide array of services that can satisfy the needs of the consumers.

The HTC Edge: Though HTC has been lying low lately, yet in 2012, they’re going to launch a brand new smart phone. This particular phone will be powered by 4.0 Android and with 1.6 GHz processor and 8 MP camera. Apart from the aforementioned technicalities, the phone also has sleek design and smart features that are expected to hit the market in the latter half of 2012.
iPhone 5: Are you an iPhone user who is waiting to upgrade yourself with the latest version of the same? If answered yes, then there’s good news for you in 2012 as the iPhone 5 will hit the market in 2012 thereby quenching the thirst of the gizmos and the geeks. The iPhone 5 has been rumored to be the last project of Steve Jobs and if it is so, you can certainly be well prepared with some surprises that cab prove to be beneficial for the users.
Blackberry Colt: The Blackberry market wasn’t good enough in 2011 with an increasingly large number of consumer complaints regarding the smart phone. However, according to recent reports, it has been seen that there will be certain amendments that can facilitate the market in 2012. The Colt will launch the comeback of the Blackberry that will run on its new BBX platform. This will be the refurbished QNX platform and will also support 4G LTE, apart from having a vibrant touch screen.
Samsung Galaxy S 3: After the iPhone of Apple, it’s time for Samsung to bring in the brand new Galaxy S 3.With the added features, you have to wait and watch what’s in store for the Galaxy users.

Therefore, if you’re a gadget freak and you want to know about the latest gadgets that can set ripple in the mobile phone industry, get an idea from the list mentioned above.