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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Cell Phone Monitoring Helper

Cell phones are the most important means of communication which is fast and convenient to all users all over the globe. With improved technology, sophisticated models are on the rise, with advanced features which helps in the many activities essential in life. When it comes to monitoring our youngsters and children, especially in the case of working parents, who tend to find it difficult to monitor their children due to their hectic schedule, we have cell phone monitoring helper, which is very beneficial in moments like these. This software is a tracking device which is applied to a cell phone for surveillance purpose either to monitor children, employee or at home front and are available at The tracking device helps in providing the much needed information which helps in monitoring the activities of the cell phone user. Some of the features offered are audio and video recording, call log information, call interception, individual call monitoring, GPS tracking, social media activity, text messaging monitoring, keyword search for specific subjects, names and email relays. It is a silent tracking device which is not detectable without any means for suspicion on the installation of this software on the user’s cell phone. Earlier this monitoring system was used as government surveillance tool by FBI, CIA and US military and now the mobile tracker software is marketed to the increasing demand and use of cell phone users. At, user could check on important information on the various options available and that which can suit them according to their requirements. The buyer’s guide could prove to be very beneficial enabling the user on the features and benefits that come on purchasing this tracker software for surveillance purpose. User should also be aware of all the facts before the purchase of this tracker software and learn the terms and conditions of the service provider at their site. They should get acquainted with their purchasing process and their policy which are stated to provide the information to their customers. To gain additional information, users could also check on the testimonial posted by other users which could also help them in making an appropriate purchase from the site.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Mobile Monitoring

With great changes and improvement done in the field of technology, mobiles applications are the most convenient devices in the overall performance of many users; with up gradation taking place at amazing speed. Reliable online service providers providing the much needed assistance in mobile monitoring are available rendering real end user experience of any application, anywhere at any time on any device. Mobile is a widely used important device for business and personal means of communication where a majority of businesses are making use of the line of business applications accessible through mobile devices with more businesses making plans to deploy custom mobile applications for future progress. This service provider renders flexible and comprehensive monitoring strategy for various types of iOS as well as Android applications like Native mobile applications, supporting binary application instrumentation, a SDK for mobile applications developers, for mobile web applications including HTML5, supports dynamic JavaScript instrumentation and for virtual mobile application, supports monitoring XenApp and VDI delivered mobile. They also continuously collect detailed service, device and network information which can be responsible for the application performance and the problems faced.

 Besides determining and detecting mobile application performance and problems, they also identify the root cause of unsatisfied user experience, contributing factors that can enhance the mobile application performance with its advanced analytics which may be due to poor Wi-Fi connection or cellular network, roaming or in call status, CPU load or low power mode, slow URLs or target Server etc. They also present a correlated and integrated business view on transaction response times with networks, device and service metrics which enables support team with real time and historical analysis on performance problem thereby reducing MTTR as well as preventing outages reoccurring again. Besides this they also provide unified management for end user experience not only for mobile users but also for desktops and physical machines. With their comprehensive monitoring system for mobile applications, they are the leaders in providing a unified view of end user for all transactions on any device at any time at any location. For more information, users could check at the site and get acquainted with the services available to the users.