Friday 23 May 2014

What are the things that shouldLook for in a Budget Android Cell Phone

Everyone has a desire to buy an android cell phone and the main thing is that, they have to think about their finance. Having an android mobile is become a passion for the teenagers and they will feel more happy if their mobile has features like high end mobiles.

You can see that the price of the android mobile will varies from low range to higher range. But in order to buy a mobile, we need to check out various features that are present in the mobile or not. In this post, I have shared a bit of information that allows you to go through the various things that you’re supposed to buy a mobile in your budget.

You need to look each and everything in the mobile that you were going to buy. Suppose, if you were going to buy a mobile, you need to know about its battery capacity, camera clarity and so on. Here is the list of things that you need to check out while buying a new mobile.

Processor: Processor is the main thing that you need to verify before buying a mobile. While you were buying a budget phone, the higher processing speed makes you to work faster in your device and also you can run high end application in your mobile, if you have higher processing speed.

If you buying a mobile in low cost make sure you were buying a dual core processor, so that you can escape from the lag in the phone. This enables you to play games without lag and you can experience a higher performance.

RAM: RAM is the next main thing that allows you to run several applications in your mobile and also you can easily improve the multitasking with the help of higher capacity RAM. If you have lower amount of RAM in your mobile, then you cannot open more than two applications in your mobile.

It will make your mobile to become more lag, even if you have higher processor, the device will be bit slower if the RAM is too low.

Connectivity: While buying a mobile, you need to concentrate over the connectivity. For example, device without GPS and Wi-Fi is similar to the basic mobiles, and also if you more connectivity purposes, then you can use them with greater flexibility.

You can use the Wi-Fi hotspot for surfing with your laptop or any other device without any need of wired connection.

Operating System: Operating system is another thing that is to be considered before buying a new android mobile. Make sure that device can be updated in future and also make sure that the mobile has latest update of the current installed operating system.

Choose the mobile which has more flexibility, and also choose the device which has operating system after Android Version 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, because more applications support comes after the Ice Cream Sandwich.

So it is very mandatory to check these things while buying the mobile.

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