Sunday, 25 May 2014

Features in Android Kitkat 4.4 and List of Android Versions

Android Technology has been increasingly evolving and it has been selected by all the manufacturers for their devices. More than 1 billion of people have been using this operating system in their devices. We have known that the name of the android versions will be named after the sweets: First they have given the name as Cupcake, then Donut, after that Éclair, Froyo, Gingerbeard, Honeycomb, ICS, Jelly Bean and now Kitkat. The latest version of android operating system, i.e., Kitkatprovides you an immense interface which will tempt you with its awesome chocolate interface. This version has so many features when comparing to other versions in the android history.

List of android versions are given below;

Android Version 1.5 CupCake: It is the first version that has been released in the android history.
Android Version 1.6 Donut: Searching in the Google and Google Maps has been added in this version.
Android Version 2.0 Éclair: Widgets and Apps can be arranged in the home screen of the device.
Android Version 2.2 Froyo: Vioce Typing has been implemented.
Android Version 3.0 Honeycomb: Can be used for the tablets.
Android Version 4.0 Ice Cream SandWich: New interface with pretty features has been implemented in this version.
Android Version 4.1 Jelly Bean: This version made the mobile as a fastest device and also supports more than 1 million applications in the Google play store.

Feature of Android Version 4.2 Kitkat

Ok Google!: Okay Google is one of the most attractive feature which has been found in the Android Version 4.2 Kitkat. This feature can be initiated without touching the screen of the device. Simply you need to say simply Ok Google, and thenthis feature will be automatically initiated. Even you can play the song by using this feature.

Importance of Art: While listening to the music in the device, you can play or pause the music even if the device is in lock mode.

Impressive Mode: In this Android Version 4.2 Kitkat, impressive mode allows you to only view the elements that are needed by you and rather than showing the other items in the corner of the mobile. This mode automatically hides the other items in the screen.

Multi-Tasking: Android Version 4.2 Kitkat provides you fastest multi-tasking and also optimizing the website by fast up all the events in the device. Without a single hitch, you can perform several tasks in the mobile.
All messages in single stream: Android Version 4.2 Kitkat provides you a one stream messaging service, you can get voice message, text message and even email too.

Other features of Android Version 4.2 Kitkat are;

1. Contact Management

2. Smart caller id

3. Emoji

4. Print Everywhere

5. Advance Selection of Files

6. Bluetooth MAP Support

7. Chromecase Support

8. Chrome Web View

9. Closed Captioning

10. Built-in Device Management

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