Friday 9 May 2014

Classroom – Online Tool – Google Apps for Education

Google is planning to offer a new online tool in its Google Apps for Education suite known as Classroom. This offer is designed with teachers in mind intending to help them with their daily work in assistance with the efficient organisation and creation of the assignments, needed in the education of their students.

 It provides a simple way to give feedback to students on individual basis while communicating more easily with the classes.

 Classroom, the new tool which was unveiled on Teacher Appreciation Day, makes use of several Google services which include Google Doc, Drive and Gmail to enable teachers to create and organise their assignments swiftly, providing feedback in an efficient manner and communicate with their class with ease.

It was designed with the intention of providing hand in hand with teachers to enable them to save time, improve communication with the students, and keep the classes organized enabling them to function smoothly in their daily work.

Simple and Easy – More Time to Teach and Learn

Classroom is based on the principle of making the educational tool, simple and easy to use, giving teachers the opportunity on more time to teach as well as for the students, more time to learn. Google’s former math teacher, Zach Yeskel himself wrote in a blog post announcing the news.

This free tool is focused in making it easier in the creating and collection of assignments paperless, which can be seen quickly on who has or has not completed the work, providing direct, real time feedback to individual students.

 Moreover, it also helps in improving class communication wherein the teachers can make announcements, ask questions and comment with students in real time, thereby improving communication in and out of the class.

Drive Folder – Individual Assignment/Student

Besides, the capabilities of being organised with the classroom, automatically creating Drive folders for every individual assignment as well as the student, where the students can see easily whatever is due on their Assignment page.

 The Mountain View Company would be inviting a limited number of interested applicants to try it, somewhere early next month. Educators interested in trying out Classroom could apply for the same.

Classroom tool is easy to set up where teachers can add students directly or even share a code with their class to join which takes around a few minutes to set up. Its simple paperless assignment workflow enables teacher in creating, reviewing, and grade assignment swiftly all at a single location.

Improve Organization/Enhance Communication

It helps from the point of improving organization, wherein students can see all their assignments on an assignment page, where all the class materials that are automatically filed into a folder in Google Drive.

Enhancing communication enables teachers to send announcements and question instantly and with student having the facility to post to the stream, they are in a better position to help out their classmates.

Overall it is affordable and secure and like the rest of our Google Apps for Education services, Classroom does not have any advertisements, does not use the contents or the student’s data for advertising purpose and is free for all schools.

Classroom would be available to any school using Google Apps for Education by September this year.

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