Wednesday 14 May 2014

Google Glass goes on sale to US public

Google Glass
Google Glass, an Eyewear based Device

Google says that the eyewear based device, Google Glass, a hotly anticipated internet connected eyewear, is moving to `open beta’, which would be available at $1,500 till the stock last and has put its Glass headset for sale to consumers in the US.

This eyewear mounted devices presently is at the beta development level and would on sale for a limited time till the stock is available. The company had stated on a blog post that it had finally decided to go ahead onto a more open beta in the development of the device.Google had opened sale of Glass to the US public for a day briefly in April making it available to the public instead of just a select group of users like app developers.

Google had sold the headset for a day which previously had been available only in limited supply to the developers, especially only a selected number of businesses and aficionados.

Functions like High Definition Computer Screen

The company stated that it was striving to work on improvements on the hardware as well as the software though it did not specify how many glasses would be sold or if they would be making any more, once the same were sold out.

Anyone living in the US can now buy Google’s wearable product, the Google Glass, which is a stamp sized electronic screen mounted on the side of a pair of eyeglass frame with the capabilities to record video, access email, provide turn by turn driving indication and also retrieve information from the internet world by connecting wireless to a user’s mobile device.

It consist of a small clear strip which functions like a high definition computer screen which is hooked on the frames and is position within the wearer’s field of vision. Users can connect to the web and besides video recording, can map their location and the same is being used across several sectors.It has raised privacy and safety concerns urging legislators in some jurisdiction to consider bans or limits on its use including at the time of driving. The company also launched a try and buy program for potential buyers.

Running Apps like NameTag

Google Glass is not only the most ambitious product but also the most awaited product and the consumer version is probably expected to go on sale to the general public by the end of 2014. Moreover, Google would also be offering a free sunglass shade or possibly one of its latest introduced prescription glasses frames with any purchase done.

Besides a built in camera which can record video it could also be useful in gathering evidence and is capable of running apps like NameTag which can photograph a person as well as identify them by scouring social networks for a match.

If the device is used by police it could probably be set up along with an app which would enable officers to search databases of unidentified offenders and outstanding warrants. In the meantime, Google is continuing in putting all efforts in expanding offerings on Glass with its announcement of Android KitKat 4.4 update together with iPhone SMS and Calendar feature. As per reports it was also revealed that Google Glass would probably get a dual lens in the near future.

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