Wednesday 7 May 2014

Top GPS Apps for Android Phones to download

Emerging android technology has brought an immense hike, and also thousands of applications are available for each and every function that is required by the users. In this post, has brought you exciting information about the best applications that are required for GPS system in the android operating system and here it goes;

GPS Status ToolBox:

GPS Status ToolBox is one of the best applications especially for travellers, and this is equipped with the GPS and also with the Sensor data. GPS Status ToolBox helps the visitors by locating their exact location of the person with the help of the sensor data and also with the help of GPS.This will acquire the location of the device very perfectly and also it will calculate the exact location with the help of satellites, speed and acceleration. It allows us to track the location of the one person, and also it allows us to send the location to the family members and also other persons. GPS Status ToolBox apps enable the user to acquire the exact location and also they can easily able to find their direction with the help of compass that is found in your device. This application is more powerful and also helps you to get the exact positions in a click and keeps up to date.

GPS Navigation Maps, the simplest and best GPS navigation system that monitors your activity, while you were roaming from one place to another place. More than 30 million of downloads has crossed in the Google Play Store, and it provides more quality maps for better performance. This application comes with several built in features in it. Sygic: GPS Navigation Maps, has more feature that announces street names in which we are travelling, this application has speed camera feature that helps you to tell the speed in which you were travelling and also provides you the information about the lane in which you were travelling.

GPS Tracking Pro: 
GPS Tracking Pro allows you to keep their eyes on others, for example they can keep an eye on their son or other relatives with the help of GPS Tracking Pro. This allows the users to place the pictures of their relatives, friends and other people over the map.GPS Tracking Pro allows you to exactly locate the position of the mobile which you want to track. By login the website, the users can navigate through the various places in the navigation map.

Find My Friends:
Find My Friends is a simple app that allows others to find your location in the Map and also you can find your friends location in the Navigation Map. Simply you need to open the map in this application and this will locate your friends in the Navigation Map. You can simply visit their place by setting up the location of your friends in the Map.

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