Tuesday 31 December 2013

How To Flash Nokia Lumia (Windows Mobile)

Nokia Lumia
In the nokia lumia 10 series have an limited function like a iPhone it doesn’t’ t offers to sharing files with another platform mobile phones so these limitation becomes an abstracals to lumia so that It might not get famous as compared to android mobiles because android mobiles provide wide flexibility to users which doesn’t offer by windows mobile. In this article we will discuss about the hoe to flash the lumia, the term flash is meant by jailbreaking the windows which break limitation of devices and provide full control over a device.
Steps involves in flashing nokia lumia

To flash lumia first we have to downgrade downloader of a mobile

• First download NOKIA_CARE SUIT
• Download Dot net 4.5
• Also download vc++ 2010 from Microsoft website.
• Download custom rom RM-809 from www.xda-developers.com or some other websites .
• Install the nokia care suit.
• Go to c:\program data\nokia\packages\product\.
• And extract the content of RM-XXX (xxx denotes the series).
• Launch the nokia care suit.
• Open product support tool store 5.0.
• Click file -> open product  -> select RM-(XXX).
• On the left side bottom click programing  -> Recovery.
• And click start button wait until you get a window with retry option.
• Copy or extract content into RM-xxx into product directory (c:\program data\nokia\packages\product\.)
• Put your mobile at download mode by press power button + volume up button.
• Connect your mobile to pc after getting an vibration
• And flash your mobile with another standard ROM
• And after flash mobile will vibrate.
• Remove data cable from the socket.
• Restart your mobile phone, now your mobile is flashed and ready to install any customs available for your mobile model.

*(XXX denote an RM-version like RM-802, RM-803, and so on)

Let we see about how to install custom

The term custom rom means that the os is going to provide extra function beyond its limitation if we want to say in the windows means jail-breaking, once the mobile had jail-breaked it can able to install 3rd party apps and windows supports xap files, also exe and that custom rom include some spicy features like themes, ringtones and wallpaper. This article explain about how to jail break a nokia lumia 710 because lumia 710 comes with windows 7.5, we can able to install windows 7.8 which is similar to the windows 8.
Steps involves to install custom rom

• Download custom rom from the internet size around < 108mb.
• And also download the downloader from the xda-developer.com.
• Now downgrade your lumia 710 if it is not already done
• To downgrade follow above steps to flash.
• After flash switch off your mobile.
• Hold power button + volume up button the mobile will vibrate.
• And connect to pc via data cable.
• Run downloader in administrator mode.
• It will show the caution to format click cancel option.
• Browse the custom rom file os-new.nb
• It will take few minutes to install.
• After installation your get vibrate and restart your mobile.
• Select the language and region, and then finish basic settings.

Now windows 7.8 were successfully on nokia lumia 710.

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