Monday 30 December 2013

How to Know if Your Gmail Account has been Hacked

Gmail hacked
Security and privacy are one of the main thing which has been rolling in everyone’s mind if they want to do any sort of things; especially various online queries has made them to think about the privacy of their personal data. In this post, I have shared an interesting bit of information about the way to know whether your Gmail account has been hacked or not. In order to know that, no need to install any additional features in the Gmail account. Thankfully, Gmail account has many in-built features that assist you to find whether your account has been accessed by other persons or by any suspicious login attempts. By verifying the following information, you can find whether the account has been hacked or not.

1. Last Account Activity: Last Account Activity gives you the last activity of your Gmail account. By accessing the Last Account Activity, you can easily found out whether your account has been accessed by the others or not. Last Account Activity gives you the list of IP addresses along with the time in which your account has been accessed. So that you can easily found out the login details of your account.

2. Go for your Login Sessions: Login Sessions provides you various levels of activities of your Gmail account. You can find the Link to the Login session which is present next to the Last Account activity and named as Details. The Details tab shows you various activities of your Gmail sessions and it displays a page which shows you information about the recent activities of your mail account. It gives you various detailed information about the Browser type from which the account has been accessed and also where the IP addresses are from.

3. IP addresses from various countries: Don’t get afraid if you’re noticing any IP addresses from various countries. Suppose if you’re seeing any sort of third party tools which are accessing your Gmail account, then they will mostly show in the activity log. This helps you to trace those IP address and you can easily start your own investigations. There are lots of tools which are available in the Cyberspace from which you can trace the IP address information very easily.

4. Unwanted Login activities and Suspicious-activity monitoring by Google: Suppose if your account has been accessed by any suspicious login; Google will automatically provide you information regarding those sessions. You will be getting alerted if any one accessed your account from unknown locations.

5. Log out from all Sessions: Make sure you have been signed out your session when you’re using any public computers. If you’re not sure that you haven’t signed out your account, you can easily sign out the various sessions by using SIGN OUT ALL OTHER SESSIONS option found in your Account activity area. This will help you to resolve any careless mistakes that have been made by you.

If your account has been hacked, then immediately change your password for better security and privacy.

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