Monday 23 December 2013

Benefits of Hard Drive Encryption

Hard drive encryption is a process that renders the contents of your hard disk virtually unreadable to anyone who does not hold the so-called key to unlock it. No, there's not actually a lock and key. Rather, data protection software is used to encrypt and de-crypt the data. Once encrypted, your data will look like meaningless gibberish to unauthorized users such as thieves and hackers.
Why use data protection software to encrypt your hard disk? Hard drive encryption can deliver numerous benefits. Below are just a few:
  • Peace of mind - Knowing that a thief can steal your laptop but can't touch your data can bring you peace of mind should your computer become lost or stolen.
  • Regulatory compliance - Depending on your business, hard drive encryption may help you to comply with various security and privacy regulations.
  • Corporate data protection - What types of corporate secrets do your computers store? From trade secrets and client lists to confidential financial information, your company's computers hold a wealth of information that should be protected from thieves and casual users alike. Hard drive encryption can ensure that your company's most confidential data remains private.
  • Accidental data disclosure - Have you ever dropped off an old laptop at the local e-recycling facility? If so, did you destroy the hard disk by wiping it clean with data protection software and then physically smashing it with a sledge hammer? Unfortunately, recycled hard disks can make their way into the hands of unsuspecting consumers (or data thieves). You can avoid potential problems with hard drive encryption.
  • Reputation management - You've likely heard horror stories of stolen company laptops containing sensitive customer information such as credit cards or passwords. Not only can hard drive encryption protect customer information, it can protect your company from embarrassment and bad publicity. If your company is subject to regulatory compliance, hard drive encryption may protect you from liability and penalties as well.
Protect your data with data protection software that encrypts the contents of your hard disk and enjoy the benefits.

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