Thursday 12 December 2013

4 Pillars Of Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing
Internet marketing-referred as i-marketing,web-marketing etc. All over the world online marketing has evolved as the most effective and efficient tools nowadays. Each and every business including small scale to multinational companies has become dependent on internet marketing instead of using traditional and conventional methods for marketing their products and services.

In a wider view internet marketing can be elaborated into more functional areas such as

-Promotion through email.

-Promotion through web.

-Promotion through social media.

The result for a competitive gain in the online market space is to keenly observe what and how the marketers interact between themselves.

The four pillars of internet marketing.

1. Customer attention.
2. Focus on quality.
3. Value of product.
4. Technological advancement.


The first pillar of internet marketing is customer attention. If you want to increase the sale of your product then you need to attract the customers towards your product i.e., the attention of the customer should be drawn towards your product. Once a customer’s attention is drawn towards your product he keeps on recommending your product to his friends etc. Focus in the best ways in drawing the attention of the customers towards your product. Find out more innovative ways for increasing your product’s attractiveness.


The second pillar of internet marketing is focus on quality. Nowadays the technology in the field of marketing is in its peak and the customers are flooded with sales,discount offers and choices and they find it quite difficult to find which product is the best in quality, cost etc. People are ready to invest huge sum of money in the product which they buy in return they expect high quality products. The high quality of the product which is been marketed plays a highly important role in developing very good relationship with customers. Once if the customer finds that your product is price worthy and valuable. He keeps on buying the further products which are being marketed by you. And he recommends your products to his known ones. If the product you are selling is high in quality it draws the customer attention to a greater extent.


The value of the product varies depending on different aspects such as price value, quality value etc. The product which you sell should completely satisfy the customer needs and it should be highly reliable. The product should be reliable, dependable and secure. You want to increase the sale of your product then you should be selling a valuable product. The main mistake done by most of the marketers is pushing their product to the customer forgetting its value. The customer regardless of price requires a good and valuable product. If he gets such product he will b completely satisfied. The customer satisfaction should be the goal of each and every marketer.


It is the duty of every marketer to keep himself and his products updated. The technology nowadays is in its peak and the customer requirements are also high. In order to meet customer requirements the marketer should sell technically advanced products. The marketers should upgrade themselves to convince the customers and make them buy their products.

The increase in the number of customers mainly depends on the above four factors and these four factors are the four pillars of internet marketing.

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