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Friday, 9 December 2022

What is the New YouTube Emotes Feature?

What is the New YouTube Emotes Feature?

As a YouTube user, we all have noticed a dramatic transformation in recent years because of the user engagement level. As it is essential to carry on the user-centric approach, the website has rolled out a new feature named 'YoutTube Emotes.' With the help of this feature, you can express your thoughts through fun images at the time of live streaming. You can use these images also while commenting on any post or video.

People already have used emojis on YouTube videos and streams while commenting. Now, the app has included a massive collection of custom emojis which you can send through comments. Like the stickers in Emoji Kitchen stickers, you can paste the static images into the conversation. But you should know that it will not appear like the animated stickers that you can find in Telegram.

This feature also has a little bit of similarities to the specification that Twitch offers for livestreams. When it comes to Twitch, you will get custom-created emoji from the streamers. But if it comes to talk about YouTube, you should know that the emotes are available sitewide.

But according to YouTube, the emotes are generated mainly for gaming. However, a lot of designs will be added to the platform. You should know that this feature is currently unavailable for mobiles. It seems that there will be approximately 60 emotes available for a chat.

What is the new YouTube Emotes feature?

Sometimes, it happens that we are unable to express our feelings through words. Then, we need emojis to add interest to the chat. So, to make the chats more interesting, YouTube has introduced this new 'YoutTube Emotes' feature.

Using this specification, you will be able to see a few fun images that you can use while live streaming or commenting. YouTube Emotes is actually a collection of several fun images which can be used to create a community on the app. This new feature lets you see all the emojis and emotes located under any channel membership custom emojis. Like emotes on Twitch, YouTube has introduced its own emotes. In this regard, you should know that Twitch is a famous platform for interactions of live-streaming content.

The main intention of launching this feature is to provide several emojis which you can use to communicate or comment to express your thoughts properly. Another fact that you should know is that Abelle Hayford, Guy Field, and Yujin Won made gaming Emotes. YouTube is expected to add more categories and themes. But YouTube didn't indicate whether the platform is testing this new feature in selected regions Or with small groups. Therefore, it seems that the platform will offer this new feature to all the users.

How to use YouTube Emotes:

If you want to use emotes, your first task is to hit the icon in comments or live chat. Therefore, you get to see all emojis and emotes. Whereas the YouTube emotes can be found under any channel membership custom emojis. You can insert emotes in live chat using particular names. For example, you need to type ":smile:'' to autocomplete the smile emoji. In chat, you have to type the name of emote while watching a stream. According to YouTube, Emotes are especially for gaming, but the platform will bring more emote themes.


The company YouTube introduced the "Live Q&A" feature in November. With the help of this feature, it is possible to create Q&A sessions and manage them in the live chat when the streaming continues. People are able to access the feature via the "Live Control Room".

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How to use or access YouTube Emotes?

You should hit the icon only during the live chat or comments. Then, it will display all emojis and emotes.

Q. What was the new feature for the Live Q&A YouTube feature introduced last month?

It will allow you to create Q&A sessions and manage them too during streaming, and live chat.

Tuesday, 19 February 2019

10 tricks that will make YouTube even more fun

10 tricks that will make YouTube even more fun
YouTube is considered to be the second largest social media link with over a billion users and about a third of internet users. Watching over millions of hours of video daily has a tendency to rack billions of viewers each day. YouTube being the largest search engine in the world tends to provide SEO enhancement helping in audience growth. Google has now come up with some interesting new additions to YouTube making it more user-friendly. YouTube has made some additions in its Android and iOS app providing the users with new experience. The following tricks would provide more insight on how your YouTube watching could be more enjoyable.

1. Turn any YouTube video to a GIF with the use of URL 

GIFs areloved by all, though the knowledge of making them is not everyone’s cup of tea. In order to create a GIF from a YouTube video, it is essential to opt for a video to be watched on YouTube. On locating the URL towards the bottom of the browser, add GIF before the name of the domain, to read `[your-video-tag]’ This will take you to Your video will be uploaded and is ready for editing. Then you will find a display of menu options towards the left area together with a timeline bar at the bottom of your video wherein one can set the duration of the GIF. Moreover one can have the liberty of cropping its frame adding captions and much more. On clicking `create gif’ towards the top right it will prompt for a GIF title with set of tags. On clicking `next’, you then arrive at a landing page builder to share your newly created GIF. Viewers can only download the GIF to an offline by file only by signing with

2. You can effortlessly see the written transcripts of people's videos. 

Many are unaware that YouTube tends to generate a written transcript for each video that is uploaded on its website. Any viewer has access to the transcript unless the user tends to hide it manually from viewers. Having a transcript handy saves the trouble of getting information without the need of manually doing it. To view any transcript of a video, you could open the video in YouTube. Then on clicking the `More’ tab below the video title, opt for `transcript from the drop-down menu. If the viewer does not see the options it means that the user had chosen to hide the transcript.

3. Can do things quickly with these keywords shortcuts 

Various keyboard shortcuts can be utilised on YouTube wherein `k’ could be utilised to play or pause a video, while `j’ is utilised to rewind 10 seconds. `I’ is used for 10 seconds fast-forward and `m; can be utilised to mute the video. Moreover on clicking any number from one to nine, tends to take the viewer to the section of the respective video displaying the percentage of the video which has been viewed.

4. End to the age – restriction 

Should you come across an age restricted video in You-Tube and still intend to view it, you can watch it by eliminating `/watch?v=’ from the URL of the video and thereafter open it without the need of logging in. If the video is liked by the viewer, the same can be downloaded which can be done with a simple URL trick. You could add `pwn’ before the URL of the YouTube video and click enter. This would navigate the user to a service enabling you to download the video in various formats. Though it seems an easy trick which can be utilised for any and every video, one needs to be cautious while downloading any copyrighted videos.

5. Playing video on indefinite loop 

One can play a video on YouTube in an indefinite loop by pressing the right button and selecting the `loop’ option. This will enable the video to begin repeating incessantly.

6. Do you have a slow internet connection? 

Set default video accordingly to suit it. If your internet connection tends to get slow, one can evade having to wait for the same to buffer. This can be done by going to ` playback’ and the click on `I have a slow connection. Never play higher-quality video’.

7. Look out for your preferred #Artist 

One will get an assortment of videos of preferred artist by navigating with a hashtag in YouTube search bar. This function can be done on desktop, mobile website and YouTube app.

8. Sing Karaoke 

If one would prefer to sing along YouTube video on some of their favourite songs and is unable to recall the lyrics, the option of Musixmatch is the solution. You could install this browser extension that will add lyrics to YouTube video as they begin to play. You can then have the lyrics accompanied with the video.

9.Use Google Trends to navigate and compare familiar YouTube search footings over time 

This could be a great marketing tool in creating smart keyword option. However many are unaware that it can be utilised in comparing the popularity of specific YouTube search queries. All that needs to be done is to open Google Trends and edit search footing in the `Explore topics’ search bar towardsthe top. On arriving at the page, you could click on `Web Search’ which gives way to a drop-down menu. Opt for `YouTube Search’ which filters YouTube searches.

10. Clear YouTube History 

YouTube search or watch history can be cleared. YouTube enables this by pausing your history so it can stop recording what is searched and watched from the point forwarded or goes through your history deleting certain videos. In order to delete the history on desktop or mobile device you could go to `Watch History’ menu. Here you can clear all watch history – permanently clear the record of videos watched , `pause watch history’ – stop recording videos watch going forward or individually remove videos from history by tapping the X or ellipses near the videos. For additional instructions on deleting items from your YouTube watch history, YouTube has a Help article which will provide the necessary assistance.

Monday, 28 May 2018

YouTube Music Starts Rolling Out: 6 Reasons You are Gonna Like It

For the Music Lovers out there: YouTube brings you-“YouTube Music”

Recently YouTube announced YouTube music for all the music lovers out there which is basically for everyone. A week later and you have YouTube music already rolled out to the U.S. of A, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand and Mexico, with other countries coming shortly. All your music needs will be in one place now with YouTube Music.

You’ll be able to jam out to your favorite tunes, get recommendations based on your searches, don’t know the name of that song? No worries YouTube music has got you covered, all you have to do is place the name of the lyrics into the search bar and your sorted. You can even get songs to suit your schedule like on being on that train commute to office or while you’re on that grueling workout regime. But, now to elaborate further….

Everything under one roof with YouTube Music: 

Forget looking for songs in multiple places, instead of having a number of apps for music, you can get everything with YouTube music under one roof. Whether it is singles, whole albums or music videos, YouTube music has got everything. You can even watch concerts and get those really hard to find songs all with YouTube Music.

Recommendations customized just for you on YouTube music: 

Get recommendations just for you, right on your home screen. These recommendations will be based on your searches as well as where you’re at and what you are currently doing- you maybe at the gym, but no worries YouTube music has a playlist just for you.

Playlist Galore with YouTube Music: 

YouTube Music has got thousands upon thousands of playlists just for you and your moods. There’s “Blogged 50” if you’re in the mood for new songs and “Indie Under Pressure” to get you going on those terrible workouts.

Search smart with YouTube Music: 

Can’t remember the name of that song? You think you got those lyrics down but actually they’re wrong? No hassles, YouTube music is here to save the day or in your case get that song’s name which for the life of you can’t get out of your head.

Browse Music based on current trends:

Want to see what’s trending? YouTube music has got a hotlist screen that shows you all the latest and greatest in current music. No matter where you’re at which place across the globe you find yourself in, you can get the latest or those that are trending in your region.

Download your music hassle free on YouTube music: 

No internet connection? That’s not a problem cause you can now download your favorite tunes when you do have connection and then listen to them without those annoying ads going around in the background whenever you want.

Paid members also get an offline mixtape that automatically downloads songs that YouTube Music thinks you will like just in case you forgot to do so.

For Google Play Music members out there: 

Members will be able to access all their music and also be able to add music just like always.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Watch YouTube TV with a New App for Your Big Screen

YouTube TV: New App for Big Screen

In the next few days Youtube TV will come to Xbox One, a new television service with which Google has been trying for a few months to compete against others such as Netflix or Amazon Prime. At the moment the bet of Youtube TV had focused on mobile devices and the use of Chromecast, however now the service will expand to more platforms through their corresponding applications, such as smart TV or Xbox One.

At the beginning of this year we echoed the arrival of YouTube TV, a bet of the internet giant for television programs. But for a bet for and for television to prosper, the logical thing is that it does not focus on mobile devices.

Finally, YouTube TV has presented an application for smart televisions, specifically for Android TV, with what you can use it in TV Boxes and televisions that have such a system. And within a few weeks you can enjoy it on more sites, such as Xbox One, Apple TV, Roku devices and Samsung, Sony and LG TVs.

The Youtube TV offer is focused on cable television channels such as ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, AMC, ESPN, Disney Channel, Fox News or Bravo. To this must be added the inclusion of musical and sports events, or the possibility of accessing movies and television series. Its price is $ 35 per month, and allows access to up to 6 devices at a time. The negative note for now is that it seems that the service will not be available in some European companies, but hopefully it will arrive soon, as little by little other similar ones are doing, such as Netflix, HBO (from which we continue to wait for the Xbox application One, by the way) or Amazon Prime.

When you reboot the application you will go back to the place where you left it. In case you want to see new things, there is a menu with three categories: Home, library and "live" in three tabs within the new application.

The YouTube Home page focuses on five content shelves, customized for each user taking into account their playback history and the programs they have recorded to their DVR in the cloud. Regarding sporting events, YouTube TV allows the selection of certain teams, which will make sports events of your favorite colors prioritized.

In the YouTube Home tab we will also have recommendations on all the contents and summaries of those programs that we have begun to visualize but that for some reason we have not finished seeing them.

The YouTube"live" tab shows a traditional list of channels that are currently broadcasting and the content they offer. You can scroll to the right to see what will be broadcast next and record the programs you want.

The YouTube library tab will save those broadcasts that you have recorded as programs, movies, sports, etc. You can also search for films by specific actors, shows similar to those you usually attend, etc.

Finally, next to the launch of the YouTube TV application, its interface and some features will be renewed to offer an experience more akin to the new platforms for which it will be oriented. And the truth is that it seems a very complete platform in terms of multimedia content and features. It remains to be seen when the service is also available in our region and if its price can compete with others.
If you have never tried YouTube TV (I have not done it yet), the company offers seven free trial days.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

YouTube Builds Castle to Make Slow Loading Videos Cute

For over a decade we have seeing the default spinning circle on YouTube while watching video on a slow connection. YouTube has taken a hint of this monotonous situation and has started to spice up the so called ‘loading’ experience with an innovative and fun castle animation. People who rely on Wi-Fi network or slower mobile networks or simply possess a standard broadband connection which offers satisfactorily internet experience has to deal with loading animations all the time. Opting for faster internet connectivity isn’t a cheaper option so YouTube decided to make their waiting a playful and fun experience by creating a new castle animation. Sadly this innovation doesn’t speeds up the loading process rather gives a respite from the old age spinning circle animation.

Castle animation isn’t new

If you are thinking that this a new feature brought about by the YouTube then you be further shocked to know that it has been present for several weeks. But recently it has started appearing on wider range of videos and networks on the YouTube which has brought it wider audience. There are a millions of users who never get to see this cute animation feature on the YouTube because of their blazing fast network but other relying on slow network will get to see it more often while waiting for their video to buffer.

When would you see the castle animation? 

Sadly YouTube isn’t completely doing away with the staple spinning animation at the moment. YouTube users will get to see the castle animation only at the first load of their video and in between if video buffers again then they will be greeted with the usual spinning circle. YouTube has brought this change in order to bring a visual change for the users on slower network but as stated earlier it wouldn’t wonder for your networks by speeding up the process.

Google set to enhance user experience on slower connections

YouTube is owned by Google and it is a widely known fact worldwide. For past some time Google is actively working on enhancing the user experience across its range of services and offerings. Google has been critical about the slow connection wherein it brought some major changes in its services and platforms capability to ensure smooth transitions and users experience for its users with slow connection.

Quite recently Google has brought an update to its Google Search for Android functionality which allows it to save user’s queries during bad signal reception and it quickly produces the results when connection resumed. Google has named this feature Offline Search wherein it makes use of its Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP technique which allows users on slower internet connection to access page by consuming minimum amount of data. This feature isn’t new as Opera already has similar kind of feature in store. But Google is widely favored by the users all around the world for searching tasks and this move will be beneficial for millions of users in the long run.

Saturday, 28 November 2015

YouTube Translation Tools Aim to Globalise Content


YouTubes – Set of Tools to Translate Titles/Description of Videos

In an attempt of expanding its global reach, YouTube had recentlyannounced a set of latest tools in order to translate the titles and the descriptions of its massive trove of videos in multiple languages. YouTube has estimated that over 80% of its videos are viewed outside the United States and over 60% of YouTube channels’ views are from outside the country of its origin.

However, according to Vladimir Vuskovic, product manager for YouTube Globalisation, numerous videos that may have been significant to viewers have not been viewed since the search process has been limited to a single language.

Vuskovic state that YouTube, with its new tools, provides the potential for titles as well as description of the videos on its site to be displayed in multiple languages that helps with the discovery of content. YouTube has been offering three new services and those who tend to make videos could translate their titles and description together with the subtitles for videos which contain them into 76 languages inclusive of French, Spanish and Mandarin. Besides this vendors who provide translation services to Google Play developers could do the translation which according to YouTube includes translation into 57 languages.

Translation Through Crowdsourcing

YouTube has stated that it would permit viewers to do the translating through crowdsourcing wherein it would screen various answers in determining the precise translation. It informed that it potentially enabled translation into any language. Video Partnerships Manager at Vice, Jordan DeBor states that the new features have the capabilities to change fundamentally the way Vice tends to distribute its YouTube content on a global scale.

 By eliminating the language barrier YouTube offers the opportunity of building new audience in local markets expanding from its existing ones’. With the support of more than 20,000 volunteer translators, TED, an important YouTube partner has experimented with crowd-sourced translations through thousands of video in over hundred languages.

They had joined the new translation tools pilot a few months back and have combined translated caption with translated titles with description for video in 11 languages for the first time.This gave rise to major growth in localized watch-time and the channel’s localized watch-time increased from 20% to 35% generally and in some cases up to 60%.

Options Important for Emerging Artists/Brands

Kristin Windbigler, Director of TED’s Open Translation Project mentioned that for over five years they have been working to remove the barrier of language from TED’s mission in extending ideas all over the world. YouTube, as one of the most important partners has pushed the boundaries in making the videos accessible as well as discoverable for viewers across the globe.

According to the company, the website Vice, in a test, translated videos in Spanish and Portuguese and observed viewing time had increase over 100%. TED director of global distribution, Deron Triff, stated that the company uploaded around 60,000 translated videos on YouTube on a single day in June, with provision of access to viewers speaking Farsi, Turkish, Russian and Vietnamese beside various other languages.

Triff has mentioned that for small associations like TED, YouTube develops an on-ramp for them to the parts of the world where they would be unable to set up relationships. A social media specialist at Digipendent Media, Daniel Aguayo mentioned that the option seems important for emerging artists as well as brands though a major steps also towards growing YouTube’s general audience.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Youtube Considering Premium Service

YouTube is the most widely used video hosting and streaming website online and it is been frequently used by the billions of users worldwide. YouTube understands its market share as well as its popularity and it is actively examining the potential for exclusive subscription services. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki revealed that YouTube is planning to move beyond the ad-supported revenue model.

Traditional Mode of Generating Revenue

YouTube is owned by the tech giant Google, which has been exploring ways to go beyond the traditional mode of earning revenue. YouTube is currently ad supported which has helped it to reach out to the billion users in the last few years. But it senses the momentum changing in the attitude of the people who do not want to see the ads in the videos. YouTube has used the age-old ad-based revenue system to increase its revenue but it is now seriously considering releasing its own ad-free subscriptions to its users.

YouTube Seems To Be Influenced By Other Websites

Other video streaming and hosting websites like Hulu Plus have used the similar service in the past to increase its revenue by offering subscription for online video streaming. Even the music websites like Spotify and Pandora have introduced the premium ad-free packages to give a boost to its revenue.

Views against the Introduction of Premium Subscription Service

It has been seen that as the YouTube grow in popularity from just few millions of the users to over 1 billion active monthly users, there has been spurt in the number of ads popping within the video streaming as well. These cropping of ads before and in between of videos had been extremely annoying and frustrating for the users. Now YouTube move to introduce the premium service, which is in effect, is like asking the viewers to pay for the content, which was supposed to be free of charge at the inception of the YouTube. Wojcicki has stressed that the consideration is still in the nuptial stages and subscription would be based on choice rather than being mandatory.

YouTube Pilot Scheme

The idea of charging its users with a subscription scheme for accessing YouTube content is not completely new. Rather it is being proposed due to the success of its pilot scheme, which ran in May 2013 with 53 of its most popular channels. The channels include the National Geographic Kids, UFC and Sesame Street wherein access to shows were charged via a monthly subscription of as low as 99 cents.

YouTube Remains Silent Regarding the Introduction of the Premium Service

Wojcicki has only confirmed the premium service development but she has refused to confirm or deny whether it would be launched before the end of the year or not. YouTube has even reached out to some content producers for its subscription offering but the details have not be determined. Another interesting development has come into view that the YouTube is eagerly working on a music streaming service. This service would also be modelled on the paid subscription basis.

Sunday, 29 December 2013

How to Download Youtube Videos in their Original Format

Youtube videos can sometime be watched at offline mode by using intermediary software; by third party you can download videos form Youtube through a website. So they may not the original resolution. Is this a legal way for viewing a video. The Third Party usually breaks the terms and condition of Youtube. Till date there has been no way to download the Youtube videos in their original format that they have uploaded.

Youtube videos can also be watched offline with some third party software. Websites offers you to download many videos of Youtube, but these are not going to be as the original version of Youtube. But for those who are not willing about quality or resolution you can surely download from the intermediary. Surely this intermediary will crack the terms and conditions of Youtube.

So you may be feed up how to download Original resolution of Youtube. Earlier Youtube allows downloading that to the transformed version of video that you uploaded. That was also allowed only till September 26. That to with some terms and condition only they were allowed to download. They condition was only two videos can be downloaded from the Youtube Channel.

So from your own Youtube channel you can download video in a transformed way through edit button. That is Youtube Video manager will download as individual videos. The format you could download is MP4. MP4 is most easily download able format to get your own videos. Actually this MP4 format is only a legal way of downloading video. Here both offline and online video are available. The limitation given to this is that original 1080p HD version will not be given to download.

At last you have to make yourself happy here is a way to download original version of Youtube videos. This much time we have discussed about how to download in an illegal way, now it is time to go in for a legal way of download.

Download Youtube videos in Original Resolution:

• Do you have account in Google Takeout? If not so create with your present and valid Gmail ID. This is because you have sign in with the same email ID to create Youtube channel.

• Once you have created you will find a TakeOut screen, almost at the bottom of the screen. Thatwill be filled up with red Rectangular “Create Archive” button.

• Next to that Google will create a packed in (.zip). Archive with the videos that you have uploaded in Youtube channel. • On completion of the archive formation with 100%, next step is go to ‘download’ option and get all the files that you required.

• At this stage of downloading you have to make a note that your archived video doesn’t exceed 2GB of data. If so it will by design split up into compactable mode.

Your process is not completely over.This process is going to have a restriction. If you are interested in downloading your high resolution video it is not possible. You will have to download the full archive that is not completely possible. Since the service provided by Google is new, they have to fix this issue in the mere future so that user will able to download the high resolution video.

Hope so you have a clear idea to download Youtube videos in a legal manner.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

New Option for YouTube Comments with Google+ link

YouTube has redesigned its comment section and The Channel owner can now moderate the comments and prevent such extreme and exaggerated responses comments. Comments under YouTube videos can now automatically share at Google+. Google has overhauled the comment section of his video platform YouTube.

 So far, the section was more known for hanging around here particularly many unscrupulous Internet users and leave worst comments under the video . The most effective way to channel owner therefore resisted coated with nagging disabling the comments. Now, however, Google has introduced a number of new features and capabilities that will increase the quality of the posts for users.

Google now allows users to publish comments that they leave on YouTube, even with Google+. Clicking the check mark for being “too share on Google+ “ will set the things, a second click sets the privacy settings for the audience of the article. The only requirement is that the user is logged into their Google account.

Moreover, it is possible Google+ users to tag their friends in comments to make them aware of videos. For this it is enough to type a "+" followed by the name of the friend in the comment box. Google sorts the comments from now on; Posts from Google+ and YouTube celebrity friends appear just like posts with many positive reviews at the top of the list.

On request, can be set as well order “first Newest “. In addition, it is possible to reply to comments. As with Gmail, Google assigns the responses to a post as a fold- and - conversation. This contributes to a better overview. For channel owner Google has introduced more moderation tools in addition to the reporting of abuse and spam. You can delete comments; ban certain users posting on your own channel and contributions to withhold approval.

These tools are useful to prevent unauthorized common and offensive comments - but at the same time they also allow censorship. Critical comments against videos so you have no chance, because the channel owner has absolute power over all the posts.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Youtube launches its pay offer from today!

YouTube is launching from today its first pay offer with some selected channels. The price of subscription starts at $ 0.99 per month each and every channel will offer a free 14-day trial period. Other prices turn average between 1.99 and 2.99 dollars per month and may even climb to $ 7.99 per month for some channels. If you subscribe for a full year, there is some concession too. The list of participant’s pilot channel is located at: / channels / paid_channels.

Of course anyone who pays a subscription will have access via the Google / Youtube account from any of your device like PC, tablet, mobile, and television.For creators and owners of youtube channels with a good subscriber base, it is possible to apply to Google if you have the desire to install a paid model in your account.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

YouTube wants to integrate streaming features in video games!

YouTube's reputation is more to do for video distribution, but there is one point on which Google platform is late, that is in live content, especially for the players. However, the side of Mountain View, it seems to rectify the situation.At the Games Developers Conference held in San Francisco, Google announced a new set of APIs would soon be available to allow game developers to more easily integrate the functions of "live streaming" in their titles. This feature has already been tested in blockbusters like Call of Duty Black Ops 2, but may in the future go with many others. The principle is rather simple API allows developers to send a video stream from a game for the YouTube broadcast live on its platform. Google is clearly talking about come cut the grass under the feet of Sony and its PlayStation 4, which offer a similar service. We can also ask how the cohabitation between the service console Japanese Ustream and YouTube will be, when a game has to go through YouTube. Other platforms already well established and Twitch TV could also suffer from the competition of the Mountain View Company. It will be interesting to see if popular PC games like League of Legends or Starcraft II will take advantage of this opportunity to increase the audience of their tournaments. These are followed by a large crowd public already, but they could reach a wider target by leveraging the exposure of YouTube and its billion users.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Youtube is launching a streaming music service!

Google goes on the attack on Spotify and Deezer by getting ready to launch a service for streaming music playback via its video sharing platform YouTube. It is the site of the new Fortune reports obtained from sources in the music industry and Google itself. This will be the second foray into the music engine after Google Play Music, which will buy and store songs and albums to listen on any platform: PC, Smartphone and Android tablet.

 This new service streaming music (to listen without downloading) will be based on the premium model: the free base with pubs imposed and paid via a subscription for additional options and not be forced to view ads. Google is already in talks with major players in the music industry. Some of them would try pay per advertising combined with the subscription. It will be interesting to see what comes out in the end because Google is well positioned to offer free testing with adsense ads, against a paid subscription via. Perhaps the future of the industry may have a combination of both options. According to Fortune, this Youtube Music could be launched before the end of the year. Note that Apple could also land on the niche in the foreseeable future.