Tuesday 24 January 2017

YouTube Builds Castle to Make Slow Loading Videos Cute

For over a decade we have seeing the default spinning circle on YouTube while watching video on a slow connection. YouTube has taken a hint of this monotonous situation and has started to spice up the so called ‘loading’ experience with an innovative and fun castle animation. People who rely on Wi-Fi network or slower mobile networks or simply possess a standard broadband connection which offers satisfactorily internet experience has to deal with loading animations all the time. Opting for faster internet connectivity isn’t a cheaper option so YouTube decided to make their waiting a playful and fun experience by creating a new castle animation. Sadly this innovation doesn’t speeds up the loading process rather gives a respite from the old age spinning circle animation.

Castle animation isn’t new

If you are thinking that this a new feature brought about by the YouTube then you be further shocked to know that it has been present for several weeks. But recently it has started appearing on wider range of videos and networks on the YouTube which has brought it wider audience. There are a millions of users who never get to see this cute animation feature on the YouTube because of their blazing fast network but other relying on slow network will get to see it more often while waiting for their video to buffer.

When would you see the castle animation? 

Sadly YouTube isn’t completely doing away with the staple spinning animation at the moment. YouTube users will get to see the castle animation only at the first load of their video and in between if video buffers again then they will be greeted with the usual spinning circle. YouTube has brought this change in order to bring a visual change for the users on slower network but as stated earlier it wouldn’t wonder for your networks by speeding up the process.

Google set to enhance user experience on slower connections

YouTube is owned by Google and it is a widely known fact worldwide. For past some time Google is actively working on enhancing the user experience across its range of services and offerings. Google has been critical about the slow connection wherein it brought some major changes in its services and platforms capability to ensure smooth transitions and users experience for its users with slow connection.

Quite recently Google has brought an update to its Google Search for Android functionality which allows it to save user’s queries during bad signal reception and it quickly produces the results when connection resumed. Google has named this feature Offline Search wherein it makes use of its Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP technique which allows users on slower internet connection to access page by consuming minimum amount of data. This feature isn’t new as Opera already has similar kind of feature in store. But Google is widely favored by the users all around the world for searching tasks and this move will be beneficial for millions of users in the long run.

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