Saturday, 7 January 2017

Synthetic Diamonds Could One Day Replace GPS and Make Driverless Cars a Reality

Synthetic Diamonds
It is believed by numerous scientists that lab grown diamonds that are red in colour and contain an atomic defect could possibly one day replace the GPS system owing to its exceptional magnetic waves. A tech company that is based out of Oxfordshire has a team at Element Six which is researching on the extraordinary properties of the crystals that come with the ‘nitrogen vacancy defect’ which is a gap in the atomic structure at the centre (heart) of the diamond.

It is at room temperature that these diamonds have portrayed tremendous sensitivity to magnetic waves and at the moment are able to perceive a vehicle that is passing 300 metres away. However there is still hope that these diamonds would one day be accustomed to being able to not only sense other vehicles but also its very own location on the surface of the planet with the aid of the reading of the magnetic waves transmitted by the sun.

In the case of such an occurrence, the result would be revolutionary as this would completely put an end to the need of GPS satellites which serves the sole purpose of sending signals back to planet earth to tell cars and other vehicles their precise location at any given time. However if the diamond technology is successful, driverless cars could also become a reality as with the presence of the diamond, vehicles would be able to move around each other safely even in a case of it being autonomous.

"In the event that you have a gadget that is equipped for detecting the encompassing attractive fields, it additionally knows where it is," clarified important research researcher Richard Bodkin. "So once you can tackle those innovations into a solitary gadget, there is no motivation behind why driverless vehicles can't be figured it out.

" However such an improvement could be decades away, the researchers cautioned, however it would be revolutionary. Their work is centred on enhancing the attractive affectability of engineered precious stones, which could likewise be utilized to supplant MRI sensors. This could bring about a head protector or handheld scanner that would test a patient's body without putting them inside a MRI tube.

Component Six essentially concentrates on creating precious stone edged cutting instruments for use in substantial industry, for example, boring tools for oil and gas organizations. It is lion's share claimed by precious stone mining monster De Beers.

The organization is likewise taking a gander at how to utilize engineered precious stones in quantum figuring, an exceedingly hypothetical field that guarantees computational power far in abundance of today's computerized machines.

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