Sunday 8 January 2017

CES 2017: Smart Hairbrush Listens to Breaking Hair

After a point of time with the increase in health issues, problems related to hair also gets added to the list. These days almost everyone is facing troubles related to hair like split ends, dry hair, dandruff and most importantly hair fall. Dermatologists have stated that one of the reason behind problems related to hair is improper way to brush or comb hair.

Hence, to provide a remedy to it, L’Oreal a named brand in the field of beauty treatments and techniques has come up with a electrifying measure that will help you to reduce your hair problems without any fuzz. They have introduced a smart hair brushing technique that will tame you in terms of your hair combing ways which will ultimately enable you a great deal to solve all your hair related problems.

This hilarious hairbrush introduced by L’Oreal consists of extraordinary sensors that will help you to rectify your hair brushing techniques. It acts as your trainer that will train you how to deal properly with your hair. It contains sensors like microphone, gyroscope and accelerometer that adds to the efficiency of the product.

This technologically studded hair brush is a new beauty product invented in 2017 that you surely need to add in your wardrobe. It comprises of all those techniques that warns you by vibrating if you are brushing in an unacceptably tough manner. It simultaneously records the sounds of every hair that breaks and it also includes certain sensors that creates a profile of the user regarding his or her style of combing their hair and you can then share this via internet or Bluetooth to an application.

It is a kind of software that restores the information that you can use to improve the quality of your hair. This can be considered as a boon for most of the women in the current era as many are reeling under several hair issues.

It is extremely imperative to be sure that you do not comb your hair too harshly as that might lead to breakage of hair fibers which is a severe damage to your hair.

The brush is supported on disposable batteries and does not support any charging feature. This makes the gadget even more handy as you can carry it anywhere with some extra batteries that will save you from the tension of charging it on a regular basis. Just fit in the batteries and use it according to your convenience. The product is water resistant but not entirely waterproof. So, a little care needs to be taken.

This is a luxurious product where beauty gets clubbed with technique and provides you with the best possible results that will cover every corner of the market in due course of time. This is a biggest launch by L’Oreal in 2017 that is sure to help every woman to overcome their hair problems by improving the way to deal with their hair. This is the best antidote to hair fall where technology is used only to give positive results.

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