Wednesday 4 January 2017

The Car Of The Future Will Be Electric, Led By Tesla

One of the most predictable outcomes which are sure to happen in the near future is the prevalence of electric cars over petrol and diesel cars. The reasons to that being simple: Electric cars prove to be more efficient than any other cars and also the fact that they are the ultimate multi-fuel cars.

The reasons behind the forthcoming dominance of electric cars

  • The decreased cost: - Let us analyze a small example to emphasize the point we are trying to make. Popular Mechanics in its May, 2006 issue published an article about bio-fuel comparing various technologies in automobile development such as ethanol, methanol, gasoline, Compressed Natural Gas, and even electric cars. Taking a cross-country drive in each of the cars of identical sizes they compared their costs. A drive in a Honda Civic cost them $212, the VolksWagon diesel Golf followed at $230. The cost in an E85 ethanol was $425 and that in a methanol car cost $619. The CNG car looked fascinating at $110 but guess how much the electric car cost, a staggering $60. And remember it wasn’t even an article about electric cars. 
  •  Convertibility: - The best aspect about electricity is that it can be converted from almost any fuel that can be burned. Barring a few inefficient and old power plants, the modern ones have state of the art technologies which enable coal to be gasified and burnt in a very clean and efficient manner. Considering the large amount of coal reserves we have, this is a very helpful thing.
An advanced natural gas generator, known as the H-System Generator has a 60 percent efficiency and can easily burn biogas which is produced from the biomass. An electric car powered in this way has the transportation capacity of four times as much as one which is powered by ethanol made from the same stuff.
People can even put on solar panels on their rooftops which will hence power their electric car and therefore reduce our dependencies on oil to power our cars.

Tesla will be the leader

Tesla, the Silicon Valley disrupter has been successful to show the increased consumer demand for electrically powered cars that are well-designed. A powerful catalyst working in this favor is lithium-ion batteries whose prices are decreasing fast. Mobile computing and its growth has caused immense investment in the area which has further resulted in improving the range of electric cars and decreasing their costs.

Global trends unmistakably hint at the takeoff of electric cars in the international market. In the coming few years, petrol and diesel cars are going to face strong competition from the flurry of electric car launches from Chevy and especially from Tesla. In general, electric motors are much easier to produce and most importantly cheaper. That brings us to the inevitable conclusion that the future of cars will certainly be electric. With Tesla assuring $100 per kWh by the end of 2020, battery costs are sure to decline which means lower prices for electric vehicles.
Vehicle electrification is perhaps the most important change in automobile industry and Tesla the most significant leader.

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