Sunday 1 January 2017

5 Cool Gadgets Coming to CES 2017

With each year Consumer Electronics Show has only gained more and more popularity. Thousands of people across the globe fly annually to Las Vegas to witness the up and coming projects in the world of technology. So if you are a technology aficionado or merely a budding enthusiast, here are the five extremely cool gadgets that you need to keep a lookout for at CES 2017:

  1.  PowerUp FVP: drones have been the cool kid in the block for quite awhile now. While they have found multifarious uses and purposes, aerial drones have become an ardent favourite with avid travellers who like a 360-degree aerial view of their current location. So when you combine an extremely powerful air bone drone with an even powerful camera, then mix in your childhood fantasy of flying an aircraft while sitting inside the cockpit, you have the concept of PoerUp FVP. This they hope to achieve via the head mounted display with the support of Google’s VR cardboard viewer. The live streaming camera helps you to see everything your drone witnesses, while the motion and movements of your head controls the drone itself. 
  2.  Sanbot: it has been awhile since robotics gave us new hope. And Chinese robotic firm Qihan Technology Company, is going to unveil at the 2017 CES, a robot enabled via cloud technology which can learn to do anything if programmed accordingly. Moreover, this particular robot is said to be able to function on android based applications which would allow the user to enhance the learning capabilities of the machine. It can be used to assist in education, nursing homes and even function as extra security in homes. 
  3.  Bullguard: in the past few years, smart homes have become all the rage. And it is a no brainer that people are always looking to upgrade their security standards. Though in the average society smart homes are but a niche, yet dojo labs have come up with an extraordinary solution to home security that they reckon would be the it thing of 2017. The system known as Bullguard runs on cloud based platforms and the device which is an interesting pebble shape, actually adopts to the general environment of the home and becomes quicker at detecting and defending the home against security breaches. 
  4.  Orah 4i: 4k videos are all the rage right now and Orah 4i is bringing 4k resolution content capable of live streaming. This very powerful camera comes with four lenses for an all round 360-degree vision and four microphones and specially designed for professionals. It has built in 3D ambisonic sound capacities and is said to be able to deliver over 30 frames of 4k resolution footage in real time, which can be uploaded to YouTube without additional equipment. 
  5.  Link: CES 2017 promises to be the year to showcase multiple wearable technology for humans, so why should your furry friends be left behind? Link has been awarded the best innovation award and is essentially a dog collar with a built in GPS for easy tracking in case they get lost. Moreover, it also has a wellness tracker feeding in information about the well being of your canine and the level of exercise he is getting. It also tracks vet appointments and lets you capture your special moments with your best friend with digital albums and time stamps.

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