Friday, 27 January 2017

Google Placed Its Own Ads First, Study Claims

Google search engine is the most widely favored search option for millions of users across the varied devices and platforms. With its immense success over the years Google started offering paid advertisements to the individuals and businesses to rank better in the search engine results and gain more business and clients through diverting users to their websites. It might seem a noble thing to do but Google has been found to plunder top ad slots for its own products. A study conducted by the Wall Street Journal showcases that Google’s own products accounts for 91% of the top results on the search results page.

Google advertisement scheme is fabricated

One of the popular advertising data firms named SemRush has conducted a thorough analysis of Google advertising scheme by carefully analyzing over 25000 pages. It undertook the research in the popular search terms like speakers, laptops, smoke detectors and watches on Google and analyzed 1000 results. It was found that Google own products across the categories found themselves in the top of the results. Google already has a dedicated marketing policies ensures that its products doesn’t interfere with the carefully design online system and this was stated by one of the official spokesperson.

Google does away with the studies

Google has clarified that the studies is baseless as it has a auction system for determining how much price will be paid by the advertisers for featuring in the Google search page results. This system not just governs other advertisers on its platform but it also work on Google’s ads as well. In short Google has tried to away with all the allegations on its popular search engine by ensuring that its ads are on the same page as other advertisers ads but sadly that isn’t the case.

A report as stated earlier released by the Wall Street Journal carefully points out the for the search term ‘laptop’ in more than 1000 searches on its platform has resulted in offering Google ChromeBook as the top choice. In similar fashion Google favored the Android smartwatch as much as 98% in the searches for the search term ‘watches’ thereby fail to mention the popular and expensive Apple Watch. Thirdly searches conducted on the search term ‘smoke detector’ positioned Nest as numerouno as it is a Google’s own alarm product.

Google is wading through rough waters

This isn’t the first time Google has been accused of placing its own ads above the competitors and other advertisers. Last year Google had to deal with an unwanted controversy with its search platform when European Commission accused it of abusing its dominant position in the internet shopping arenas.

It also mentioned that Google was proactively being using its platform for restricted competition by placing its own ads in the top tier. Google has always maintained that the advertising auctions done on its search platform is run by the algorithm which doesn’t indulge in making decision on any particular advertiser or Google’s behalf at all.

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