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Monday, 9 February 2015

Exploding Kittens Game Blows Up Kickstarter

There are times when simple idea gets huge backing and astonishing support and money. Exploding Kittens has made a sensation by blowing away its humble $10,000 funding goal with attracting a whooping funding of $4 million in pledges on the popular crowd-funding forum Kickstarter. Exploding Kittens is simply a card game which offers a unique perspective and engaging game-play to the players which had inspired a huge amount of crowd sourcing fervour.

Exploding Kitten Fares Extremely Well On Kickstarter

The funding campaign for the Exploding starter saw an amazing response from the backers and it got fully funded within first twenty minutes. Another forty minutes later it reached 1000 percent of its funding goal.
This card game has been created by an online famous celebrity who is popularly known for his The Oatmeal and himself being called Matthew Inman. He had brought up his own distinct enthusiastic art style in the card design. The co-designer Elan Lee has been left stunned more than surprised with an overwhelming response they had received for their Exploding Kittens project on Kicstarter. Regarding this usual interest and funding pattern shown by this card game Kicstarter’s Luke Crane has said that the backers had been enthralled by project’s sense of humour, art style and presentation.

Exploding Kittens Is An Innovative Card Game

This game works in the manner of the Russian Roulette wherein players draws cards and tries to avoid being evicted from the from by unknowingly or accidently triggering an exploding kitten. It has all the interesting features to enhance the game-play by bringing a tragedy, drama, strategy and weaponized back hair. This card game is available in a regular deck and suitable for the players of 7 years of age and above.

Exploding Kitten is all about the strategic betrayal wherein the players would be pitied against each other. Players would be left to decide which one is to betray and how they wish to perform it. This game shouldn’t be taken literary as it has nothing to do with hurting cats or kittens. The object of this game is to defuse the explosions which might occur if the kittens happen to get into trouble.

Exploding Kitten Breaks Reading Rainbow Record On Kickstarter

Exploding Kittens has created a sensation of the crowd-funding website named Kickstarter. Currently its holds the record of eight most funded Kickstarter projectin its history. Exploding Kittens still have a 23 left days which gives it a great chance of becoming the most funded project in is history.

Exploding Kittens is attracting funding at a break-neck pace and it is all set to break the record of Reading Rainbow. Reading Rainbow had set record of most funded project in 2014 with a whooping backers count of 105,857 but Exploding Kittens has already achieved those number of backers and many are still pledging to support its endeavours.

As Exploding Kittens has already achieved the most number of backers, now comes the time to deliver what it projects. Inman is heavily busy creating the art work for the cards and aims to send it to their backers by the end of summer.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

A Thrilling Publication “Grand Theft Auto V” of Rockstar Games

Grand Animation Imaginary World

“Grand Theft Auto V” a publication of Rockstar Games and created by Rockstar North. It is a kind of story packed with extremely exciting imaginary world and can be explicitly presented in audio-visual method, i.e. in the form of a video games. All the characters viewed in this video are adventurous. In this present scientific age, people do not have enough time to look through the printed publication stories and, therefore, the better choice is to go in for stories through the pleasant and attractive electronic media, i.e. video players when at a time more than one people can look through.

A Story of Improved Version of Grand Theft Auto V

Immediately after the publication of Grand Theft Auto IV, there is tremendous development through extensive research work and widely recognized for different game play, tremendous technical improvements in Grand Theft Auto V. Grand Theft Auto V has very well received public approval and praise. The criminals are the main characters that they are freely moving around the cities with modern weapons.

The officers of law enforcement force are after the criminals to contain the harmful grievous activities, violence for peace and law and order. Grand Theft Auto V is so speedy entertainment and much approved and praised by the public has been proved for its all time record sales from the day of publication.

Improvement on Leading Characters Role and Open World Space

The characters of the protagonists are adventurous, exciting and each character has thrilled events in which one follows another one directly. Moreover, areas of the open world are much wider than the earlier series of previous entries. The open world is thoroughly searched and discovered from the starting of the game without limit and as the story proceeds more and more games open up with the active imagination, producing interesting ideas. In totality, the Grand Theft Auto V is the improved version of Gameplay Video of earlier Grand Theft Auto IV.

Roles and Skills of Players

Players use weapons, explosives, guns, etc. to attack crowded places of the cities and can swim, jump, run to directly discover the open world with no restriction. In the fighting, players take the help of auto-aims and cover system against enemies. Players may go to the hospital when their health reduces.

 The officers of the law enforcement give signals through “wanted” meter to the players doing crimes while playing . Each player with the set of eight expertise shows the efficiency in shooting, driving. The last skill, i.e. eighth skill is a special skill which denotes the ability of the player.

Impeccable Advancement of Technique

The improvement on technical quality, the detailing of light, sounds, pictures, especially the weather and advancement of lighting technique to the eyes of reviewers are laudable. The critics also praised the design of the open world where space of the Los Angeles meticulously used by the designer. Many also passed remarks that the game play represents the American culture. Many critics are also charmed with the perfection of soundtracks and music selection during the game play.

Admixture Views of Critics 

Regarding characters of the story to the eyes of the critics, it is felt that this is repetition of the earlier version Grand Them Auto IV. Some acting of characters is not matching with emotions as the players’ action does not support their emotion perfectly. The acting of players does not represent true, real and depth. But, in totality Grand Theft Auto V version is a high improvement of different fields which will be amazing to the viewers.Some negative feedback also received.

Saturday, 22 November 2014

GTA 5 Patch Coming to Xbox One Soon!

Grand Theft Auto V – GTV 5, an open world action adventure video game which has been developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games was released in September 2013 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and on 18 November 2014 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. For Microsoft Windows it is scheduled to be released on 27 January 2015.It is the first main entry in the Grand Theft Auto series since the Grand Theft Auto IV in 2008.

It is set within fictional states of San Andreas which is based on Southern California wherein the single player follows three criminals with their efforts in committing heist, are under great pressure from a government agency.

It enables the players to freely roam San Andreas including open countryside as well as the fictional city of Los Santos, based on Los Angeles and the game is played from a first person or a third person view while the world is navigated by a vehicle or on foot.

Players have the capabilities of controlling the three lead protagonists throughout the mode of a single player, switching them during and outside of the mission with the focus on the heist sequence. The mission revolves between shooting and driving gameplay and players who tend to commit crimes may receive a response from law enforcement agencies which is measured by a `wanted’, system which governs the response of their aggression and a patch update is going to be released soon.

Latest Games Envisaged Issues of Download

Since the craze following the release of GTA 5 for the next generation console has begun, several players have envisaged issues in the latest game which had won positive reviews from major gaming sites and many players have postedon the official Rockstar Forum their inability to download the first update thereby being unable to play the online version of the game.

Rockstar has been working to resolve the issue faced by several players stating on 18 November 2014 that `at this time PlayStation 4 users should no longer have issues downloading the patch. All character migrations are now working on PlayStation 4 and affected PlayStation 3 users can play GTA online as normal.

This issue will be addressed for Xbox One and Xbox 360 users tomorrow’. The GTA V draws inspiration from several other past Rockstar titles which include Max Payne 3, Midnight Club, Manhunt and Red Dead Redemption.

Several Unique Features 

There are several unique features in the game wherein when the players are playing as one of the three protagonist, the other two tend to live out their daily lives and one will be surprised in finding what the characters are doing when one switches back into them. The other feature is the character swapping feature which is executed in a Google Earth manner which was displayed at a Game Informer demo, showing a smooth run without any lag.The Xbox One, PC, and PS4 version would be presenting an exclusive feature that is a first person mode and the entire game can be played through the concept of the protagonist. The mode of the gameplay will bring about a new way of playing the game and cars will have detailed interior which would be different from one another while the shooting will be like a FPS game.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Assassin’s Creed Unity- Stuffed with Bugs and Poor on Computers and Consoles

Assassin’s Creed Unity
Assassin’s Creed Unity, which was released with such hype, got a complete blow when 12 hours post the game’s release, it was declared a completely messed up game. The consumers are stating that the games from its looks, looks like was not yet ready and the Company Ubisoft wanted to just get it released as soon as possible.

Some of the drawbacks f the game includes its limitation to 900p on the consoles, the poor draw distance, dramatic decrease in the frame rates, and due to some unexpl
ainable reasons the characters and the faces keeps on disappearing.


There are a completely new thread which has been dedicates to the performance of the Assassin’s Creed Unity on the PC, which is even more than NeoGAF. The creator of this thread had tried to run on the game on Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 but still unable to get the desired results. This thread consists of many posters having the same issue of cut scenes dipping below the 30 fps.

There are some of the screenshots, which display the bug, which have drawn lot of criticism. Ubisoft send the Xbox version of the game to many outlets for overview and the response was dire and indicated that the problems with the Assassin’s Creed Unity is no longer limited to computers only.

As per the Joystiq, both Xbox A single and PS4 versions are having problems with the game-breaking bugs and the dipping in the frame rate. Unbelievably it is true that the frame rate of the Xbox A is more noticeable and the consoles are locked at the maximum of 900p.

According to the reports from PC World, the game Assassin's Creed Unity although available can be rough. They have stated that the game itself is having riddles of self-performance. On similar lines, users have been posting nasty feedback about the game on the NeoGAF.

The company had placed a devious review restriction during the first half of the day of the launch, which actually caused many people to take the plunge and buy the game even without seeing the full review.

Why the game has so many flaws? 

The Ubisoft company is known to have the best of the software engineers, they have the required talent pool and enough finance to make unbelievable games, but going by the looks of Assassin’s Creed Unity, the short turnaround time given to the development team has affected the final product. The game would have had all the advantages if the company would have held back on the release data and given more time for the internal resources to show its effect on the product.

Ubisoft already knew that the game will not be making the people around the world happy and it has certainly brought lot of embarrassment to the company. Although there are times when a game is launched, people give time to the company to run initial updates and patches but the feedbacks and reviews of the game have been extremely ferocious.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Now Fight Zombies without a Season Pass - Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Call of Duty
Taking three years in development with the franchise, Sledgehammer Games have brought about a newer level of experience to the multiple players platform in "Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Day Zero Edition" as Activision Blizzard mentioned of a new release of entry in the popular Call of Duty series.

In spite of the fact that this is a newer level of experience for the multiple players, this does not go without controversy as the gamers were more concerned not about what the game offered in the general but more about what the game lacks in like the zombie mode which they enjoy and benefit from. Most of the gamers were more so annoyed as the players had access to game content which was worth US$50 before the decision to package the Zombies mode with a Season Pass was taken which eventually effected the gamers. However this mistaken email sent from GameStop was a spark that rose anger or fear which apparently caused a confusion as per Activision spokesperson Kyle Walker.

As confirmed to the source that all players jut like yesteryears will still be able access the Zombie content via DLC he says that the season pass is not the only way to get to zombies but its just another pass to get all DLC at discounted rates. As mentioned by Walker " Sledgehammer team created a surprise for their fans with the zombies in the AW being an Easter egg, just shows their own new take and new style of creation on zombies to be presented to their fans"

As quoted by CEO Eric Hirshberg to Activision Publishing that three years ago the decisions they have taken to actually invest into a three year development cycle and as well as to make bout.Sledgehammer Games the first new lead studio for Call of Duty in a decade was not a bad decisions as it paid off which resulted in a fantastic game which involves a good story, performance, graphics and mechanics that makes it better than an adrenaline rush than Call of Duty which exists and that is what results are all about.

In the new Call of Duty the gamers start with the World War II-Era involving American and the Soviet Soldiers where the players now can gear up in exoskeletons and go through a world where terrorists are defeated by technology.

An epic performance of Kevin Spacey makes him a James Bond style super villain wo dons a power suit of another tools who is bent to dominate the world with the corporate type of new weapons The notable fact of Spacey's role is the advanced versions of the storytelling elements used in the 1960's but with full motion videos.

As said by Billy Pidgeon (independent video game industry analyst) to the source that animation is getting so goo that and more famous that its hard to differentiate between animated sequences from the actual filmed video. They added to say that with the computer animation technology growing so advanced it is getting really hard to differentiate where computer is generated.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Ultimate Sea Adventure on Phone- Oceanhorn

Oceanhorn even though seems to be inspired from Zelda; it is fantasy story full of adventure, battle and exploration. It is completely an interlaced story.

What you need to know about the game:

This game is about the story of a boy, who in search of his missing father is exploring everything about a monster named Oceanhorn. The game has exceptional narratives and has the capacity to draw the complete attention of the player and provide them with enough motivation for the actions that needs to be taken by the characters in the game. The game has been laced with high quality graphics and music to keep the player engrossed. Currently the game has been made to be compatible with every iOS and has been priced at $8.99 US.

What’s the story of Oceanhorn:

This is game all about a boy, who has been send to a completely different world with only his father’s book of his travel and a necklace of his late mother. The boy is in search of his father, who has gone missing after he went searching for Oceanhorn. The game starts with the boy meeting a hermit who guides him about collecting 3 sacred and holy emblems. In order to collect these emblems the character will be travelling across different islands and enters the exciting part of sailing and surfing.

The character can sail across different islands my developing a course of sail in the map and following the route. The water journey has been kept exciting with constant entry of attackers and enemies and other hazardous conditions. Just like most of the other games, it’s about shooting all the enemies in order to save your lives and health.

So what’s exciting?

Being a game based on adventure, exploration becomes the main exciting part. It’s up to the player to select their course of action. The choice can be difficult task as the game has not been designed to give any hints of which course or path to consider. In order to collect the emblem, player might have to repeatedly come back to same areas again and again. Interaction is the only means to collect ideas and information. These hints will enable the player to search a new area of probably complete a new task.

Puzzles have been incorporated to test the mind of the player as solving them can help to either collect treasure or get into a new location. Getting a puzzle solved is an exciting task but if it takes lot of time, might even frustrate certain players. Players need not get confused with puzzles to be main problem solver as they might to be even there just to confuse.

The enemies in the game has been developed tactfully like boss battle is about skills, player need to use their skill to kill these boss as they have to attack them for a long time and in the end can even get helpless.

What could be different?

The controls have been given well but the swipe control might occasionally trouble you and frame rate issues need to rectify.

In the end, this game will give you all the excitement you need to restore the empire of Arcadia when compared to other games at much higher costs.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Why PC games are more popular than Consoles?

PC games
There may be loads of consoles to play with. But everyone feels comfortable with PC as their bet gaming partner than that of consoles. This generation is the generation of computers. Reasons for the still existing fame of PC’s in the field of gaming compared to consoles are listed as follows.


PC’s are comfortable to play with and the screen size of the computer gives you the perfect compactness. Many may argue that PC’s do not support good graphics compared to consoles. But PC’s also gives you with a satisfactory graphics experience that is just needed for the game. Observe the graphic comparison for yourself.


Consoles are pretty expensive. You can a buy a PC instead of consoles since they can be used for multiple purposes. What would you choose? A product that supports only gaming facility else a product that supports many in addition to games? Well most of them prefers and finds comfortable with the second one.
Gives you a variety of options:

A PC gives you multiple options while playing. For instance you can use cheat codes.;) You can attach remove any kind of additional hardware controllers to your PC whereas you can use a rumple-pad alone in case of Gaming consoles. You have lot of online free games to download and play. No need of mods to play with a different manner.


Upgrades are available for each and every game. Is it better to download the versions online or upgrading your entire Xbox or whatever console you have. Moreover the components replacements are pretty expensive in consoles. In case of PC’s you just need to upgrade your graphic cards once in 4 years.


You can store a variety of games in computer whereas you’re not provided with such features in consoles however some of the console can store the amount like data stored in a DVD. In case of personal computer, the storage is practically unlimited. You can store as many as games until your storage space gets full. We can even install and store games in the external hard drive in case of personal computer games. People will go for personal computer instead of buying new hardware for the Gaming consoles.

Lack of the most popular games: 

Games such a Dota 2, Warcraft3, Civilization series, Starcraft 2 are the most popular games in the field of gaming and consoles lack such game which makes PC’s best compared to consoles. PC games are more in number while compared to the other console games; you can download thousands of games online from various websites for your personal computer. But in case of consoles, you need to buy the games from the markets. People love to play games in their personal computers rather than playing games in their consoles.
This reason might explain you why PC games are still popular compared to consoles. If you find any more reasons, then you can mention it in the comment box which is given below.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

GTA 5 could arrive on PC early next year

Released on Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles, Grand Theft Auto V could land on our favorite tricks from the first quarter of 2014. The wait will finally not too long. You waited for his release on PC to play GTA IV, despite its bugs, crash and are obvious lack of optimization? Then you should rejoice, because according to sources, Rockstar could be preparing the release of GTA V on PC in early 2014.

According to "multiple sources" of the environment, the game, which broke sales records, generating over a billion dollars in a handful of days, could come out in the first quarter on our laps. Like its predecessor, GTA V could happen on a PC a few months after its release on consoles. This information confirms what an officer of Nvidia hinted last August during a conference call on financial results for the graphics chip maker. It was well said "The players prepare their configuration to a slew of big titles this fall, with blockbusters like Call of Duty: Ghosts, Grand Theft Auto 5 and Assassin’s Creed 4."