Thursday 18 December 2014

A Thrilling Publication “Grand Theft Auto V” of Rockstar Games

Grand Animation Imaginary World

“Grand Theft Auto V” a publication of Rockstar Games and created by Rockstar North. It is a kind of story packed with extremely exciting imaginary world and can be explicitly presented in audio-visual method, i.e. in the form of a video games. All the characters viewed in this video are adventurous. In this present scientific age, people do not have enough time to look through the printed publication stories and, therefore, the better choice is to go in for stories through the pleasant and attractive electronic media, i.e. video players when at a time more than one people can look through.

A Story of Improved Version of Grand Theft Auto V

Immediately after the publication of Grand Theft Auto IV, there is tremendous development through extensive research work and widely recognized for different game play, tremendous technical improvements in Grand Theft Auto V. Grand Theft Auto V has very well received public approval and praise. The criminals are the main characters that they are freely moving around the cities with modern weapons.

The officers of law enforcement force are after the criminals to contain the harmful grievous activities, violence for peace and law and order. Grand Theft Auto V is so speedy entertainment and much approved and praised by the public has been proved for its all time record sales from the day of publication.

Improvement on Leading Characters Role and Open World Space

The characters of the protagonists are adventurous, exciting and each character has thrilled events in which one follows another one directly. Moreover, areas of the open world are much wider than the earlier series of previous entries. The open world is thoroughly searched and discovered from the starting of the game without limit and as the story proceeds more and more games open up with the active imagination, producing interesting ideas. In totality, the Grand Theft Auto V is the improved version of Gameplay Video of earlier Grand Theft Auto IV.

Roles and Skills of Players

Players use weapons, explosives, guns, etc. to attack crowded places of the cities and can swim, jump, run to directly discover the open world with no restriction. In the fighting, players take the help of auto-aims and cover system against enemies. Players may go to the hospital when their health reduces.

 The officers of the law enforcement give signals through “wanted” meter to the players doing crimes while playing . Each player with the set of eight expertise shows the efficiency in shooting, driving. The last skill, i.e. eighth skill is a special skill which denotes the ability of the player.

Impeccable Advancement of Technique

The improvement on technical quality, the detailing of light, sounds, pictures, especially the weather and advancement of lighting technique to the eyes of reviewers are laudable. The critics also praised the design of the open world where space of the Los Angeles meticulously used by the designer. Many also passed remarks that the game play represents the American culture. Many critics are also charmed with the perfection of soundtracks and music selection during the game play.

Admixture Views of Critics 

Regarding characters of the story to the eyes of the critics, it is felt that this is repetition of the earlier version Grand Them Auto IV. Some acting of characters is not matching with emotions as the players’ action does not support their emotion perfectly. The acting of players does not represent true, real and depth. But, in totality Grand Theft Auto V version is a high improvement of different fields which will be amazing to the viewers.Some negative feedback also received.

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