Tuesday 9 December 2014

Everything That You Need to Know About Snapping

Marketing and sales plays a major role in a business to get it flourish. Snapchat is one that application that has become popular among the teens within short period of time. You must be amazed by couple of facts about the Snapchat that,

  • It was founded in 2011, as a class project at the Stanford University. 
  • Over 20 million snaps were sent per day in October 2012. 
  • In the mid year of 2013 that is around in the month of June, over 200 million snaps were sent per day.
  • Today in the present time around 400 million snaps are sent per day. This is around 1,750 percent in just a year.

Teenagers response to snapchat’s leaked images

Secretly several thousands of snapchat images and videos were hacked by the third party applications but the recent news confirms that the hacked images and videos have been released by the third party online sites after reserving them for long period of time. The most shocking part of the news is that total of over 90,000 personal snapchat pictures and 9,000 snapchat videos of the teenagers have been leaked online. The users of the snapchat were mostly aged between 13 and 17; news is confirmed by the officials.

But can the snapchat alone be questioned for this negligence? Another app that is being investigated is the Snapsave. Snapsave is an android application that allows users to save their snapchat pictures and videos.

The snapsave application

When the representative of snapchat Georgie Casey was questioned about the leaking or snapping of the pictures, he replied, “Our application has nothing to do with it and we have never logged usernames or password and neither the snapchat runs on a cloud setup.”

Another popular app which came into limelight was Snapsaved which is similar to that of snapsave. Snapsaved impersonated the original app which allows the users to save their pictures permanently. This snapping scam has not only affected the common people but its impact has also affected several Hollywood celebrities like Rhianna, Kate Upton, Jennifer Lawrence, and Kim Kardashian. The nude pictures of these popular celebrities were also leaked.

Many users have downloaded the leaked images claiming that the images downloaded by them were not searchable unlike any other images from viralpop.com. Several cases and objections have been logged against the app but the app is constantly declining the responsibility for the snapping of the leaked pictures issuing a statement snapchatters were victimized by their usage of the third party apps to save the pictures, a practice that we prohibited in our terms and conditions of use.”

The popularity of the snapchat among the teenagers can be easily revealed by a fact that universal studio’s production movie; Ouija’s 19 sec promotional trailer was launched in the snapchat as Universal Studio’s have been collaborated with the snapchat. According to the news the movie Ouija got massive opening, topping the charts and made over $20 million in its first week and 75 percent of its visitors were under the age of 25 years and 61 percent of the visitors were female.

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