Monday 15 December 2014

PuzzlePhone Ready to Give Competition to Google’s Project Ara

One of the most complicated topics of discussion these days is the modular computing in mobile devices and any conversation pertaining to this issue becomes very complex. Today, almost all the companies in the market are so much involved and focused to venture into making one of the most powerful and most thinnest machines they can make and that too falling under $ 800.

They are working on aspects like environment, which primarily does not lend itself to being able to hot-swap the camera during a flight to even for the users to add any sensors when they need it. Although all this might sound exciting, it becomes difficult to see as to what is happening with Google’s Project Ara and its prototypes and still feel impressed.

To add to this condition and take things to rather a more interesting level is the fact that a new player has entered this arena with the same aspirations of modular computing, but having an approach, which is far less complicated than that of Google.

So, who is this new player? 

Compared to what we have seen in Google’s Ara, there is a back plate, which is filled with removable options; the Finland-based PuzzlePhone is much more easier as they have only three pieces. Similar to that of Ara Endo, apart from the basic collection of sensors, the largest piece of the device is the display.

On the back of the PuzzlePhone, the user will have the option of a battery pack that can slide in; this also includes user’s choice of extra sensors, and also a secondary module, which will contain the user’s choice of camera and processor.

The configuration has been extended into three containers, all of different sizes. However, the main idea is still the same across all these three containers. The end result of the outcome is the fact that the user will have less number of components to assemble and build their phone, but at the same time it will encourage a situation, wherein the user will pay for the experience they are looking to have from their Smartphone.

Although at the moment, there has been no information or details have been revealed about the release window or even any hint about the long wait time that we can have for these stylish PuzzlePhone. However, the company can release a smaller footprint of this device and make it available in the market as soon as possible.

As if now, if you check on the PuzzlePhone official website for the design, then you can definitely be sure that you will be satisfied but at the end, what will matter is the overall functionality of the device. Although as if now the concept of PuzzlePhone sounds much more easier when compared to the Google’s efforts in the space.

Lack of complete details and any release plan can only generate more excitement among the people. Irrespective of the competition both the companies can expect good response from the customers who are eagerly waiting to get their hands on modular phones.

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