Tuesday 2 December 2014

Google’s Mobile Search Now Comes with a Mobile Friendly Label

You might be among the people who enjoy using their Smartphone’s to the maximum potential and have not encountered any major issues in recent times. Still, it gets annoying sometime to stumble on a webpage, which requires lots of finger movements and acrobatics just to view them. There might have been times wherein you would have been fed up and totally given up to get into the website. Google has now come forward with a unique solution to overcome this issue with the websites. They have identified the need of mobile friendly sites in the search results.

The company is planning to roll out a new label in their search results, which will enable the users to know if the website they are visiting is mobile friendly or not. This will allow the smart phone users to be alert of the websites, which are not optimized for the mobile devices. This news was posted on Google Webmaster Central Blog on 18 November and posted by Doantam Phan and Ryoichi Imaizumi, who are the search members of the Google Mobile team.

What is the idea? 

According to Google, their idea of a mobile friendly site consists of a website, which should not be encouraging software, which are not much in use and the ones, which are not available on most of the devices. According to the company, they want a website with text, which should be effortlessly read by the users, there should not be any need for zoom in the screen to read the text. They want the websites to fit according to the display of the user’s phones and it should not be requiring them to scroll from one side of the screen to another to read the complete text.

One of the other reasons given by Google towards mobile friendly device will be placement of links to different websites to be far off. This way a customer will avoid clicking on websites they do not wish to visit. There is a special offering for web developers, wherein Google has come with a special page, which will allow the developers to enter and test their URL.

This way they will come to know if their website is mobile friendly or not. If it meets the criteria, it will be given the Google’s new label. Currently this service is being launched only in English, but the company is working on rolling it out in other languages as well. The Company also stated that they are working towards getting the mobile optimized websites to be listed above the other websites, when the customer is using to access them over their smart phones and tablets.


This feature is expected to be released out in the next couple of weeks, but if you are among the people, who do not get their labels showing, the wait might too long.

Even though mobile users have not come across such feature until now, but certainly this step from Google will be an advantage for them.

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