Sunday 28 December 2014

“FacePile Read Receipts”- The Latest Feature in Facebook Messenger

When it comes to chatting, every millisecond counts. The lesser time is takes for the interaction, the more lively you feel in the chat room. However, when it comes to texting, concepts like hmmm, or nods have completely lost, there is no indication whatsoever to tell that the other person is listening to you.

Facebook’s Latest steps: 

Now Facebook messenger has taken a giant foot forward in terms of improvement in speed in their entire version apart from adding the new animation, which indicates the sender if their message is sending, sent, delivered, as well as read. According to the company, they have not followed the currently used concept of grey text indicating the information but the new animation will use the photo of your friend and indicate who is actually in conversation with you.

The company came up with the concept of Facepile design nearly 5 years ago and it was initially meant for a plug-in to show if your friend liked any website. It has now be modified for broader usage and to indicate as to which friend has seen and read your text messages. At present, the new messenger design will be rolled out in Europe and United States of America on Android and iOS platform. The company is planning for a worldwide release later on.

According to Lexy Fraklin, Product manager, they wanted a messenger, which will let the user feel Facebook messenger as the fastest and the most reliable mobile messaging product. In order to improve the efficiency of the application on all types of devices, the company has made lot of modification and put in lot of efforts towards minimizing the latency. As per Facebook’s new head of Messenger and former PayPal president, MarcusDavid, whether anyone agrees or not, speed is very important and everybody wants to feel the speed.

The FB is expecting to gain a competitive advantage with this new chat feature. When it comes to the slickest and the fastest chat application, KakaoTalk, WeChat, Kik and many among other are all racing together. Apart from messaging, Facebook have other global competitors in the form of Line’s stickers, Snapchat’s visual messaging, Twitter’s worldwide town square, and Google’s video chat. At present the company’s strategy is to focus on utility, which will drive lock-in to their completely social platform, while there competitors are still trying to pull out money from the direct messaging. The company has already been making lot of money from the number of ads that are being posted in the newsfeed.

What is more? 

The company has also launched “Stickered For Messenger”, which is an app for pasting stickers on top of photos before being sent. According to Franklin, the company has many things in their mind and working on more to make the user’s experience very cool. The first thing they have achieved is the fastest and clearest chat platform. Now the company is looking towards the newsfeed. The main aim of the FacePile was to ensure that you can check the message read as soon as possible and get on with work, rather then waiting for response.

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