Monday 15 December 2014

Email App Developer Acompli acquired by Microsoft

On December 1st, 2014, Microsoft made the official announcement through their blog post about the acquisition of Acompli. According to Re/code, the acquisition amount was whopping $ 200 million. Acompli is the developers of the email client app for android and iOS. The Acompli Email is very well known for its wide range of features which includes Microsoft Exchange support, ease of use with attachments and files and easy navigation to access recent contacts and emails.

As far as this acquisition is concerned, it is a definite a push forwards towards the company’s recent approach to increase their mobile productivity, which includes the introduction and inclusion of office in the iOS. Microsoft has been able to roll out continuous updates towards the iOS versions of Office as well, apart from addition of third party fonts, printing capability and counting the most recent update rolled out for optimizing the iPhone versions of Excel, PowerPoint and word for their smaller screen phones. So, Acompli has joined Microsoft and has become part of their wide range of productivity-based offerings.

According to the information posted on the blog, the company is very excited about their current work as well as the app that can be developed in the future and bringing these apps together with the work being done by the Outlook team. The main goal of the company is to develop as many apps as possible, which will allow people to use these amazing cross-platform apps, meant to primarily support a whole range of email services used by the people.

They want these cross-platform apps to encourage people and help them to achieve more. According to the blog, they also appreciate this acquisition due to the fact that they are getting an innovative technology based app apart from very talented people focused on reinventing the means of communication and email on mobile screens.

The company believes that this acquisition will expedite their work and help them to deliver the full power of Office to the mobile devices. At present the company has also indicated about some hidden surprises stating that people have to wait for some more details in the next few months.

What was the issue? 

Due to the unavailability of the proper Outlook app for iOS, many of the mobile users were forced to resort to third-party apps. These apps also lacked certain features, especially Exchange support and insufficient prove. At present, it might be easy to see how Microsoft can fit this new aspect in their wide mobile productivity suite of apps, but still there is no official statement has been released about the use of Acompli apart from using it to boost the Outlook effort.

At present, Acompli email is very much available for free download on the App Store for the time being. According to Javier Soltero from Acompli, their company always focused on building app to make mobile email better but now joining the Market giant will enable them to reach out to millions of people as never before.

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