Thursday 18 December 2014

How to Stop Android Handset from Lagging?

Every android user must have come across a situation where they find their device to be slow after regular usage. Every user has their own hating reason against the lagging of their android device, a gamer hates it because it interrupts their fights and strikes, a developer hates lagging as it cuts off and interrupts their thoughts and every other user hates is as they need to reboot their handset in order to get back their device’s speed.

This lagging issue really becomes an irritating factor after which sometimes people tries out weird stuffs to speed up their device but they might fail to do so. Today in this article we will highlight couple of amazing techniques to speed up your android device both by accessing third party apps and without apps.

Without utilizing any third party app

Software upgrade 

Always keep your software and firmware upgraded which uses the system resources orderly. Most of the time people use degraded software which results in the low performance. Always updating the software or keeping the software up to date is a good habit for the perfect and best device’s performance.

Regular reset 

Due to continuous and long usage of varieties of apps the devices are affected with different malwares which may not be identified by the users externally, so regular reset in a year or after every 6 months will bring your device to a state just like a brand new device. While you reset your device just keep in mind to back up all your data and documents so that you can reuse it later in the future.

Memory status 

The internal memory provided by the manufacturer of an android handset is very limited which is the main reason behind the lagging up of android devices as the apps that you install gets stored in the internal memory of your device, so always keep an eye on your memory space (available space).

With the use of third party apps 

Most of the times due to busy schedule we may not get time to go through above mentioned tips to provide our android device from lagging, so using a third party app is a smart move. There are several device speeding apps in the market which can take care of your android device and one among them is “Advance mobile care from IO bit.”

The amazing advantages and features of advance mobile care that makes it preferable than any other applications are as follows.

  • You don’t have to root your device to use or make the most use of this application whereas most of the apps in the market require rooting of phone. 
  • Not only speeding up your device, the application comes with additional features like anti theft, antivirus, privacy locker, task killer, battery saver, game speeder and app manager for free. 
  • Regular update of the app keeps it updated with latest threats and antivirus patterns. 
  • The application is easily handled and so it is user friendly. 

So it is up to you how you protect your device from lagging, either with the use of third party apps or without any apps.

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