Tuesday 2 December 2014

New Start Up ‘Primary Data’ Grabs Wozniak and Stirs Virtual Storage Fight

primary data
Primary Data is creating right noises at the right time by grabbing up Apple co-founder Steve Wonziak as its chief scientist who was earlier working for the Fusion-io. Primary Data is asserting that it will be reinventing the ‘file virtualization’ for the software-defined data centers in a simple and fluid manner in coming time. Its announcement shows that the company is determined to take the head-on EMC’s ViPR and Quantum’s StorNext which works at the same level.

How Primary Data Came Into Being?

Primary Data has an interesting birth which mainly revolves around the shuffling of the major founders and players of the Fusion-io. Its founder David Flynn had also founded the server flash card startup Fusion-io in 2005 where Wozniak joined in 2009. In June this year Fusion-io was bought up by SanDisk for a whopping $1.1 billion. However Flynn and cofounder Rick while quietly left it before the sale and started up the Primary Data in the latter half of the 2013. Through shrewd administrative skills David brought back the Wozniak on its team in Primary Data.

Primary Data Introduces Its Virtualizing Data Plans

Primary Data’s ideas is to provide a symbolic scale-out meta-data service which give a centralized control and management at the same time staying out of the data path. It would also provide a single enterprise name space with multiple data paths for enhancing the performance.

David Flynn had described the Data Virtualitzation as the inevitable next step for the enterprise architectures. It has the potential to seamlessly integrate the existing infrastructure and its full spectrum of specialized capabilities is provided by the ultra performance and ultra capacity storage resources.

Data Hypervisor- An Innovative Solution By Primary Data

This technology would also possess a data hypervisor which will hide all the storage hardware and software below a global file namespace. It would also contain separate channels for sending and receiving data as well as controlling the access to the stored data. The data administrators could set the policy definitions for placing and moving information as per their needs. It would be done under set rules reflecting the storage performance, protection needs and price.

This software performs all the hard work in fluid manner of its utmost capacity and keeps the bytes in line. The data hypervisor can also migrate the information between file, block and object storage tiers as required with ease and grace.

Disaster recovery and backup methods are extremely simplified through snapshot policies which ensure that the data is protected and available. The snapshot layer is not integrated in the data path which makes it extremely fast and painless.

Primary Data Set To Revolutionalize the Enterprise Data

Primary Data has not disclosed which interfaces and access protocols it will support. It is supposed to be mediated by the enterprise as per their need and size. Software-defined data centre platforms had two key players namely EMC’s VMware and Openstack which are now feeling the heat of the emerging threat and challenge from the Primary Data.

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