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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

The Best Games for Your New Android Phone


There are lots of arguments pertaining to the lack of games on Android based phones and tablets when compared to the ones with iOS. Even though Android is working hard to get these gaps filled, still there are lots of games which are worth playing and having on the phone. The games for android range from monster-punch madness to a Zen like strategy games. The list is endless. Some of the favorites among market experts and players are:

1 Rymdkapsel: - This game is a space-age strategy game, which has been set in a strange, pixel-perfect world. In this game, the player has to control many white rectangles as they keep on gathering resources, food stores, fire lasers at intruders and research unexplained monoliths.

2 Smash Hit: - This game is known to elevate itself into a total art form and is well known method of stress relief. The players have to go through a path wherein they have to face Glass walls, pyramids, windows, and even DNA-like helixes in their path. The players have to destroy these obstacles before they can do any damage to them. This game is very simple and addictive and can be a player’s delight.

3 Badland: - This game explains more or less about the evolution of human genome through time. In this, the untitled protagonist species keeps on shrinking or multiplying many times in a single level. The immersive 2D aesthetic and the puzzles make this game a pleasure to play.

4 Plants vs. Zombies: - The game is about strategically positioning the plants on the game board to avoid the legion of zombies, which are ready to overtake the game board. New challenges and increased number of zombies make this game more than one can handle.

5 Hearthstone: - At present this game is accessible on phones and tablets with more than 6 inches screen. This can be full of thrill of one on one fight and quickly made the player addicted.

6 Jetpack Joyride: - The game is all about getting the highest score through some of the basic cartoon animations of the game.

7 Super Hexagon: - In this game the player is in the form on a triangle and moving across on a pulsating hexagon, which keeps on throwing obstacles at the player. It is difficult for the players to be alive for more than 60 seconds but, this is what makes the game so addictive.

8 The Room 2: - This is a sequel to The Room and the developers have already taken the game to a new level and made it even more exciting. The puzzles are much more complex this time and it will not be easy for a player to get out of the room so easily.

9 Kingdom Rush Origins: - This is one of the best tower defense game that anyone can get on their phone or tablet. Origins are the latest additions to the Kingdom Rush series and it has everything to excite the fans of the previous game.

10 Minecraft:- Pocket edition: - This game carries out the essence of the main mine-craft game very well and sure to keep a beginner happy.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Assassin’s Creed Unity- Stuffed with Bugs and Poor on Computers and Consoles

Assassin’s Creed Unity
Assassin’s Creed Unity, which was released with such hype, got a complete blow when 12 hours post the game’s release, it was declared a completely messed up game. The consumers are stating that the games from its looks, looks like was not yet ready and the Company Ubisoft wanted to just get it released as soon as possible.

Some of the drawbacks f the game includes its limitation to 900p on the consoles, the poor draw distance, dramatic decrease in the frame rates, and due to some unexpl
ainable reasons the characters and the faces keeps on disappearing.


There are a completely new thread which has been dedicates to the performance of the Assassin’s Creed Unity on the PC, which is even more than NeoGAF. The creator of this thread had tried to run on the game on Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 but still unable to get the desired results. This thread consists of many posters having the same issue of cut scenes dipping below the 30 fps.

There are some of the screenshots, which display the bug, which have drawn lot of criticism. Ubisoft send the Xbox version of the game to many outlets for overview and the response was dire and indicated that the problems with the Assassin’s Creed Unity is no longer limited to computers only.

As per the Joystiq, both Xbox A single and PS4 versions are having problems with the game-breaking bugs and the dipping in the frame rate. Unbelievably it is true that the frame rate of the Xbox A is more noticeable and the consoles are locked at the maximum of 900p.

According to the reports from PC World, the game Assassin's Creed Unity although available can be rough. They have stated that the game itself is having riddles of self-performance. On similar lines, users have been posting nasty feedback about the game on the NeoGAF.

The company had placed a devious review restriction during the first half of the day of the launch, which actually caused many people to take the plunge and buy the game even without seeing the full review.

Why the game has so many flaws? 

The Ubisoft company is known to have the best of the software engineers, they have the required talent pool and enough finance to make unbelievable games, but going by the looks of Assassin’s Creed Unity, the short turnaround time given to the development team has affected the final product. The game would have had all the advantages if the company would have held back on the release data and given more time for the internal resources to show its effect on the product.

Ubisoft already knew that the game will not be making the people around the world happy and it has certainly brought lot of embarrassment to the company. Although there are times when a game is launched, people give time to the company to run initial updates and patches but the feedbacks and reviews of the game have been extremely ferocious.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Download Temple Run For Windows Phones

Temple Run For Windows Phones
Most popular iPhone Game Temple Run is currently formally out there for Windows Mobile Phones. Currently Windows Phone users will transfer Temple Run. It’s one of the foremost standard and habit-forming mobile game. Temple Run is currently out for Windows Phone. Currently it’s time to stay running and creating higher scores. Really game has tiny story. Game character has taken the cursed idol from the temple. Currently you have got to stay the play character running to flee his life. Evil Demon Monkeys can run behind you.

Temple Run game is all regarding running and escaping. you have got to Swipe to show, jump and slide to avoid obstacles, collect coins and obtain power ups, unlock new characters, and see how far you'll run! . Temple Run came out of box for Windows phone users within the last of March 2013.
Features of Temple Run Game:

1. easy straightforward swipe and tilt controls.

2. Level up your character and use crazy powerups

3.Original 3D expertise with HD graphics.

4. Play and select from seven completely different characters!

5. Incredibly fun, simply one additional time, endless game play!

 Requirements to install the support:-

This game doesn’t support all phones. It’ll run on Windows phones having following features :-
media playback

knowledge services

movement and directional detector

HD720P (720×1280)

WVGA (480×800)

WXGA (768×1280)

Download Temple Run Game For Windows Mobile Phones

Sad issue is that it’s out there for Windows phones not for Symbian OS. As Symbian is major OS in Nokia Mobile Phones, thus it'll be an incredible day once Temple Run is going to be out there to transfer for Symbian mobile phones. It’s one in all the foremost downloaded game for iPhone OS. I can’t dream a far better iPhone expertise while not Temple Run game put in. How will it look?
The 3D graphics in Temple Run area unit terribly smart associated have and Hoosier State Jones feel to them. The Aztec bongo soundtrack fits well with the exotic vibe too. Maybe the sole grievance you'll create regarding Temple Run is that there's very little variation within the eventualities. It’d be nice if there have been a spread of locations out there instead of simply the temples.

For the uninitiated, Temple Run is what’s known as Associate in Nursing “infinite running” game during which the action moves inexorably forward—as critical similar side-strollers—and you need to maneuver the on-screen character over, around, and underneath obstacles whereas collection objects that embrace what square measure primarily coins in addition because the obvious power-ups. It sounds straightforward, as a result of it’s, however it’s conjointly addictive, due to some terribly precise bit gestures. These embrace swiping up to leap, swiping all the way down to slide, swiping left and right to show, and device tilt to maneuver to the left and right while not turning.

Aside from the painful timing—Temple Run II simply appeared on iPhone/iPad in Jan, thus we are able to expect a 2016 arrival on Windows Phone, presumably—the one major issue I will purpose to is that Temple Run isn’t Associate in Nursing Xbox LIVE game. Meaning 2 things for Windows Phone users. One, there aren't any Xbox LIVE achievements. And two, the sport is relegated to the ghetto of “other” games within the assortment list within the Windows Phone Games hub. Meaning lots of scrolling for those with many games on their handsets.