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Friday 24 January 2014

Top Five Multiplayer Games for Android

Multiplayer Games for Android
In this modern world, the Gaming has been an active field and also an addictive thing which has been made by the adults and by the child too. More particularly, the trends of game in the mobiles have been growing after the release of the Smartphones with more advanced features. But playing games with single player has made the people to get bored and they can only able to play with them only.

There are several games which have been released in order to play with other peoples in this world by using the multiplayer games. You can easily enjoy the social competitiveness by playing the games with other peoples around this globe. There are lots of options are there in order to play the multiplayer games in the mobile, such as playing with many players with the same device, or with the people who were in your wireless network, or you can do it in a online multiplayer arenas.

Here I have shared a bit of information regarding the best multiplayer games in the market and here it goes;

Paper War: Paper War is one of the best games which have been released ever for the multiplayer option. The Paper War consists of three mini games inside a single game and this game lets you to play with another person with your friends on the same device or you can play a head to head game with your friends. Even you can play alliance diplomacy with this game.

In the head to head game, you can use your fingers to control your cannons and you can easily hit your enemy by using your own strategy. Even can even hit your own troops to disable your own troops for few minutes and you can wipe your enemy with those cannons. Paper War in a tablet will provide you a ultimate experience while playing in it.

Rush Poker: Rush Poker is a poker app which lets you to play with a adrenalin rush and you can play this game in a multiplayer option by using the Browser of your android mobiles and this games has many built in features while comparing to the other poker games and the multiplayer option for this game is brilliant while playing with other users online.

Home Run Battle 2: Home Run Battle 2 is a baseball games which let you to swing the bat when a ball is incoming on the way, and it suits well for a multiplayer option.

Uniwar: After the release of the Uniwar, totally 2.5 million users have played this game in their mobile. There are so many people who love to play this game in a multiplayer option, it allows you to built your own army and you can beat your enemies with that.

Pocket Legends: Pocket Legends is a two player game like Paper war, but you can beat your opponent with this game more easily. It provides you an experience of better game play with millions of users in the universe.